All about Amy

I'm Amy.
cupcakes inside. PURE excitement. best bachelorette party surprise EVER.
I'm a Michigan-born North Carolina girl.
I'm a MSU Spartan...go green!
I am a elementary special education teacher.
I love ice cream, cupcakes, and all things topped with cheese.
I also love crime t.v. shows, feel-good girly movies, and Janet Evanovich novels.
I have a cat named Isabelle, she's a Siamese princess/terror. <3

My man
I got married in April of 2010 to this man:
Dancing to Van Morrison's "Crazy Love"
Ben doesn't love weddings.

Thanksgiving at my sister's house in Philly

He makes me quite happy. :)

My twin
I am a twin, and my sister is a beautiful brunette <3
dairy store ice cream on our old college campus, summer of 2009
Phila, thanksgiving weekend 2010
Outer Banks, weekend <3
almost ready! wedding weekend <3 (isn't she beauuuutiful!?)
besties <3
My family
My family lives in Michigan! They're fantastic.
Mom and her girls
dancing with Dad
my marriage role models...almost 30 years strong <3
hahahaha I LOVE this picture!
Best pals
I have some absolutely amazing and beautiful girl friends. Some of them are college pals, some from way back in middle-high school!
Outer Banks, wedding weekend
so beautiful <3
Philly besties.
in Philly for our 26th bdays!
me and Alyssa...before seeing Backstreet Boys. :)