Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wait...It's August?!

Hey, y'all! 
It's been a month since I've blogged. My last post was a 4th of July recap! So it's been OVER a month!
Well, I'm sorry. I've got a really great excuse!!

I've been busy!

But not like, school-year, working-all-the-time busy.
This is summer-vacation busy. :-D

I've been hanging out with my friends and husband!
hey bestie!
hi husband!

Going on mini-vacations.
quick trip to Philadelphia to see my Spartan girls

overnight trip to Wrightsville Beach with some teacher pals
Wrightsville photo collage- w/ Instagram & Diptic apps

Eating great food.
homemade blueberry pancakes w/ Instagram app
summer salad + AMAZING white cheddar and apple grilled cheese (w/ Instagram filter)
hi delicious. 
pan-fried tomatoes and poached eggs!
1/2 of a "personal-sized" watermelon! seedless! so goooooood
Oh...and I've obviously been hanging out with Isabelle...a lot. 

School starts next week!
Back to a regular sleeping, eating, exercising, and blogging schedule!
It's going to be GREAT! :)

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