Sunday, January 30, 2011

This is not fun.

So here's the thing.
It's Sunday Funday. 
But, I have to write a paper.
(I'm not in college.)
This paper is for the Beginning Teacher program that I'm required to participate in for my district.
I'm in my 3rd year teaching...I don't really feel like a fresh, newbie, beginner.
I ESPECIALLY don't feel like writing a paper.
I have to write a 2 page paper about an "accomplishment" that I've had so far this year at school.
I'm really not one to toot my own horn, especially in the professional/career area of my life.
I don't want to write this paper.
I am sitting on my couch procrastinating SO HARD.
Checking Facebook.
Looking at Twitter.
Reading emails.

This morning I got up and worked out! I didn't want to at first. Because this little nugget was cuddling and looking super loveable.
hey baybayyy

After a few minutes of serious snuggles, I got up and got dressed for the gym. First, I had a plate of apples and plain yogurt sprinkled in cinnamon to tide me over.

Then, I hit the gym! I downloaded a few new songs and sweated away 40 minutes on an elliptical. It was tough! Especially the part where triathlon man and woman were on bikes in front of me, looking fit and fierce. I tried to channel some of their energy, and it felt great!
bathroom pic. nice, right?
Came home and made a protein smoothie!
so much better with a matching straw. obv.
Now I'm sitting on my know, "writing a paper".
This stinks.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

I'm an old man jogger.

Heys and heys. Happy weekend! It's been a happy weekend! I super love starting out the weekend with a great Friday night, which is exactly what we did.
(P.S. Here's how I started my Friday. It rocked my Toms off...yes I wore them again.) 
I call it: Smoothie From Heaven. Its a lovely mix of frozen strawberries and bananas, a scoop of chocolate whey protein powder, a cup or so of ICE COLD water, and a container of 0% chobani greek yogurt. It turned out so smooth and creamy! Next week I'm planning to add spinach...gonna rock that baby to the next level!

I left school at 3:00 (early, it seems, but I get to school at 7, so it's a solid 8 hours, and have a working lunch!) and headed to the gym. I got there early enough that there weren't a TON of people working out, which is ideal...I've never had to wait for a machine, but I just hate being crowded.
I did another interval run, similar to what I did on Wednesday. This run included some walk breaks...
It says 5.2 miles in 65:00 minutes. Not good, not bad. 
I realllllllllllly need to figure out how to UP my speed and endurance. I'm just creeping on the runs lately...totally jogging...and I hate it! I feel like an old man, jogging in my track suit( I don't wear a track suit, I swear...just Nike capri tights and a tank top) down the sidewalk in a Florida retirement community. Nice visual? I think so. But I can't get myself go longer, faster! I could run at a 12 min. mile pace for days...but speed up to a 10 min. mile and I croak! Hmph. Good news though! My husband, the former long distance runner, has agreed to "train" me on Sundays! He's always been a runner, and has some great tips for me! We're starting tomorrow by heading over to a nearby high school track to do some speed work. I'm excited! 

Ok, back to my weekend. 
After my run, I stretched and headed home. A friend called and invited us out to Red Robbin for dinner, and after some debating about our original plan of sushi, we decided to be social and meet up for a double date. I was worried about the vegetarian/healthy options, and found two possible choices: a Gardenburger, and the "Red Rice" entree. I went with the gardenburger, as everyone at the table was having real burgers! I had it in a lettuce wrap, instead of a bun...and had a side salad instead of fries. 
YUM! I didn't take a pic, it wasn't really that photogenic, but it was DELISH! It came topped with pickles, tomatoes, and a spicy dijon mustard sauce, topped (and bottom-ed) with huge hunks of iceberg lettuce, all wrapped up like the do with their regular burgers in a paper holder. SO GOOD!!! I didn't even feel tempted to nibble the table's MANY baskets of steak fries, or take a bite of Ben's double patty melt. I tried to eat my side salad, but was pretty full of lettuce by the time I finished my burger. Overall: GREAT dinner. 
The best part, though, is that I'm SO PROUD of my dinner choice. Usually I'm such follower when I go out to eat, having whatever the group is having, and not sticking to my eating plans. I TOTES kept it clean, vegetarian, and healthy. *pats on back*
After dinner we headed home, and I CRASHED, lights out at 8:45. I was so tired!!

Started off my day with a perfect bowl of oatmeal, topped with bananas and a spoon of almond butter. I made Ben a triple-sized bowl of maple syrup oatmeal with the same toppings as mine. I needed some serious fuel, as I tutored from 9-12 and knew I'd be famished by lunchtime!
Tutored all morning, la la la...
Finally made it home and did a quick Saturday morning house cleaning! I always feel so much better when the carpet is clean, dishes are done, laundry is done, etc. etc. 
Ben needed new shoes, we needed groceries and we headed out for errands. We stopped first at Qdoba, our faaaaaavorite spot. I chose to pick from the Craft 2 menu, and got a naked veggie burrito topped with corn and mild salsa, and a cup of the tortilla soup. MMMMMMMM I was in heaven, it was the perfect sized lunch! Ben, on the other hand, got a massive steak taco salad, which was swimming in cheese and sour looked amazing. 
Next stop: Khols for shoes! I wandered around the women's clothing section while Ben picked out some tennis shoes for work. Quick stop, easy! 
Then, we headed right next door to BJ's! It's a Costco-type store with big amounts of basic things. We stocked up on cereal, hummus, yogurt, bell peppers, got an 8-lb bag of apples which I HOPE I can get through before they go bad, and various other things. The highlight:
This cheese is phenomenal. I had a few bites on some Wheat Thins, but I'm saving it for something reallllly special...not sure what yet! haha!

After we finished at BJ's, we headed to a local grocery store to get a few smaller items, including black beans, frozen fruit, 9 frozen pizzas for the hungry man, a few HUGE avocados, and some sunflower seed butter. I can't wait to try the new nut butter...I wanted another jar of almond butter, but it was $12! Rediculous. 

 (I promise I'm almost done with  the play-by-play...baha)

Came home to a (clean...ahhhh so nice) house, put away groceries, and got a call from my girlfriend that she was coming over for dinner! So I hopped on the treadmill to get some cardio in, thinking that may be my last chance of the day.
Again, my running endurance is pitiful. I ran 2.3 miles, with some walking in between. I DON'T KNOW WHAT'S WRONG!! I've ran over 4 miles without stopping! My total time was 40 minutes, 3.2 miles. Just so frustrating. I know I need to stop comparing myself to this rockstar who ran 15 miles today, and this rockstar who ran 10 miles today. I am a beginning runner, and am still learning. Learning? Do you learn to run? Idk. 

So anyway. My bestie, Alyssa, came over, and I got all HEALTHY on her butt and cooked her tempeh! Seriously, this is the girl who used to come over to my house when we were kids and claim that kiwi was "exotic". So I got all exotic on her and pan-fried some tempeh like I did on Thursday. She had hers in a wrap with lettuce and shredded cheese and Franks...I had mine on top of another salad beast:
It was heaven in a bowl, let me tell you. In the mix:
  • romaine lettuce
  • tempeh pan-fried in lite northern italian dressing
  • radishes
  • feta cheese
  • a few stray carrots
  • a sprinkling of dry roasted almonds
  • a drizzle more of the italian dress
SO GOOD! And a small bowl of roasted veggies on the side that, let's be honest, I didn't eat. I did, however, top them with the remaining tempeh and put in the fridge for lunch tomorrow. Maybe.

Now: in bed. Thinking about a sleeve of oreos in my cabinet. So tempting. SO TEMPTING. Also, thinking about doing my lesson plans for this week. Not tempting. ALSO, thinking about downloading a new book on my Kindle. VERY tempting.
Stay tuned...

(P.S. You guys, the pics look way better, right? I sent them from my phone to my email as size "large" instead of the "original size"...idk what that even means, but it worked!)

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Trying Tempeh!

Hallelujah, Thursday night. That means it's almost Friday. duh.

Back in my college years at Michigan State (GO GREEN), the weekends always started on Thursday, because lots of people didn't have classes on Fridays. I think I've transitioned nicely into the real world, still imagining that the weekends start on Thursday. I mean, I stay up a little later on Thursday nights...I sleep in a little later on Friday mornings...we can wear jeans on Fridays to school...I just FEEL better on Thursday nights, knowing the weekend is so close! Ahhhh weekend. :)

Yesterday I had my first running experience at the gym since 2010! And hooooo BOY it was rough. I did some increasing-speed intervals for 3 miles, and then walked a mile. I did:
.5 mile @ 5.5 speed
.25 mile @ 5.7
.25 mile @ 5.9
.25 mile @ 6.1
.25 mile @ 6.3
and then went back down to 5.5mph for the last 1.5 miles...and then walked on a 4.5 incline at 4mph for the last however long. It was a sweaty 54 minutes, but felt SO good.
sweaty self-portrait
**I'm sorry, friends, that my pictures are so small. The issue is that I don't know where my real camera I use my phone to take pictures. It takes decent pictures for sending in texts and such, but obviously not great pictures for blogging. I'm going to try to find my digital camera this weekend and power that baby up.Stick with me, it'll get better...I promise!**

So, I haven't been to the gym (besides the few times this week) since before Christmas....which is disgusting...especially considering how much $$ I'm paying to NOT use the gym. Yesterday after I ran, I had to shower and get re-dressed for tutoring from 6:30-7:30. Well, thank goodness I've kept my gym bag up-to-date with toiletries. I still had shampoo and soap and all those good things ready for me, and what a nice surprise when I found my favorite John Frieda Root Awakening shampoo and conditioner waiting for me! My hair has been so BLAH lately, I think it needed a pick-me-up with some moderately expensive shampoo and conditioner. It feels much better now. :)

Dinner last night was quick and simple...and I am so proud of it. I was gone from 6:30am-7:30pm, and so by the time I got home, I was FAMISHED. I used to stop at a fast food restaurant for a quick dinner to bring home, or I would make a frozen dinner/hot pocket/packaged SOMETHING. Let me just tell you, the thought didn't even cross my mind to stop for take-out on the way home from tutoring. Instead, I kept thinking "what should I make with my veggies?!"
I ended up making a simple stir-fry: asparagus, zucchini, and tofu, with a little Mediterranean seasonings, served on top of whole wheat rotini pasta. And a half a grapefruit, for a little sweet ending. :) My dinner was SO good! And FILLING!
umm...rotate? gosh.
My meals have been pretty similar these days...breakfast = quick smoothie made of: 1 cup of frozen strawberries and bananas, 1/2 cup of organic plain greek yogurt, 1 scoop of vanilla whey protein powder, 1 cup of cold water. Served up in my "Blender Bottle" from GNC. Delicious and keeps me full until 10am snack time. :)
Lunch has been leftover rice and beans topped with salsa...OMG so good! It tastes like a simple chili when warmed up! Best week-long crockpot dish, EVER.
(No picture...because I'm not quite at the point where I can take pictures of my lunch while I'm eating with my co-workers. Soon...maybe.)

Dinner today was (sort of) julie golean SALAD BEAST. Romaine lettuce topped with: feta cheese, walnuts, shredded carrots and radishes, Ken's Lite Northern Italian dressing, and the highlight: pan-fried tempeh! I really liked the tempeh! It tastes like a bean cake! Which is what it is! :) I pan fried the tempeh strips in a little olive oil and the Ken's dressing to sort of "marinate" it. I gave Ben a taste, and he said it didn't have any flavor...which was sort of true. Next time I will actually marinate the tempeh for a bit before I cook it!
Finally, the highlight of my entire day/week continues to be these shoes:
 SO COMFY! I got several compliments on them too...they really snazzed up my cords and cardigan. :)

Happy Thursday night to you all! TGIF in a few hours! :)

Monday, January 24, 2011

Veggies, FLOOD, and new Toms.

Monday Monday Monday...usually you are a big hot mess to me, but today wasn't so bad! Let's recap:

1. I had no caffeine alllllllllll day, and I survived! Hot tea=FTW.
2. Leftovers for lunch=YUM.
3. No behavior problem children=hallelujah.
4. New tutoring client=adorable.
5. New Toms=comfy goodness

And now...some pictures from the weekend! And what a great weekend it was!!!

Saturday I tutored for a few hours, went for a quickie run, and then Ben and I went on a day date to see "No Strings Attached". It was really cute! Definitely recommend it as a romantic comedy. :)
After seeing the movie, I received a text from a friend inviting us to dinner! But it was only 5:30 and dinner was at 7:00, so we headed over to Barnes and Noble to check out a few books we had in mind...and we had a xmas gift card to use! I looked at The Kind Diet by Alicia Silverstone; Ben checked out several evolution theory books. Well, we only had $25 in gift card money, and my book choice was over that! So Ben got Big Bang: the origin of the universe and I'll go back for my choice another day. :) It was actually Ben's gift card, so it was no big thang to not get a book!
We left Barnes and Noble and headed over to Bull Feathers, a bar and grill near our house. We met 3 couples and all got these HUGE chicken wing platters. OMG as my last meal as a meat-eater (at least for a while), HOLY MOLY what an amazing meal. I didn't take a picture; it would have just grossed out the internets...just imagine 24 wings (12 boneless, 12 regular), on a pizza pan, surrounding a huge cup of blue cheese dressing, with a few sticks of celery as garnishes. Gross? Maybe. Delicious? Absolutely.

Sunday morning I woke up with my mind set on a great workout and some fresh groceries!
Started with some peanut butter banana oats...
His and Hers. <3
I headed to the gym and pounded out 45 minutes of intervals on the elliptical, and then about 30 minutes of arm and shoulder weight machines.  I don't have an arm band for my iphone, and NEED one! I tucked my phone in my bra, but kept remembering a story I'd heard about a girl who did that over and over for workouts, and eventually her phone broke...duh! So I need to get an arm-band ASAP. I checked at Walmart after my workout, but they didn't have I'll have to try elsewhere.
After my workout, I headed over to Harris Teeter for some groceries. I had originally planned on going to Whole Foods, but the parking lot was a hot mess of construction, and I knew HT was I changed my plan. 
Check out my groceries!! Highlights: asparagus, wild rice, and beauteous bananas! Also excited to try the tempeh and quick barley.
Lotsa fresh groceries!!!      
Along with my delightful groceries, I also picked up a fresh salad bar salad!
Beets! And HUGE strawberries! heaven. 
Sunday afternoon consisted of a few hours of t.v. watching, some dinner-cooking, and a FLOOD. Our washer is a disaster and overflows if you don't turn off the water valve after it's done filling. UGH! Well, I forgot. And so the washer filled for about an hour. And I didn't realize it until the dryer buzzed off and I heard the water still filling. This is not the first time such event has happened...oh no. The first time was in the fall, and Ben gave me STRICT guidelines about using the washer...but apparently I'm a terrible housewife and should never be allowed to use the appliances (my words, not his)...UGH! So this happened:
wet wet wet. :(
My boots got the worst of it... and now I can't get the DARN picture to load. My right boot is half water damaged...but I still plan to wear them.

After Ben came to the rescue and shop vac sucked the water up, I made dinner. It consisted of baked tofu, brussel sprouts, and some of my crock pot beans and rice!
Everything turned out really time I think I'll marinate the tofu a bit longer, and add some salsa to my beans. I already have beans and salsa packed for lunch tomorrow, and it smelled SO good when I was putting it together!! I always forget what a good addition salsa is to beans.

Dinner tonight was quick and simple, as I worked until 4, then tutored until 7:30:
roasted asparagus and zucchini

Alright, that's all for now.
Oh! I was given the "Stylish Blogger Award" by my meat-less inspiration, Clare! I am so excited to carry out the responsibilities of being an award recipient...but not tonight. It's 9:53 and my alarm will be going off in 8 hours...and I'm an 8-hours-of-sleep kind of gal. :) So tomorrow! I will complete this excellent assignment tomorrow!

Oh, new Toms! I love love LOVE these! I ordered them on Friday and HELLO they were on my doorstep this afternoon! They are comfy and a little more "fancy" than my plain gray ones, so I MIGHT be able to get away with wearing these to school...I'm thinking I might pair them with white cords, a gray sweater, and some sort of bright tee? We'll see. :)
Check that sparkle, girl. 
Adios, pals!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Week 1, Day 1.

hi you.
Friends, I'd like to introduce you to my new favorite favorite FAVORITE breakfast/lunch/dinner/snack! If you haven't tried this cereal, please go ahead and buy some. If you don't like it (which will be shocking), you can send it to me. :-D

Look at me, blogging twice in a week! Impressive, right?  I told you I'd try really hard to blog more often!

This week has been busyyyy. I've been teaching all day, tutoring during the evenings, and trying to find time to enjoy my home and family in those few hours that remain. One thing that I've learned is that spending 2-3 hours watching t.v. at night really makes the evening go TOO fast! A lot of our dinners are spent in the living room, watching NCIS, Law and Order, or something comparable...which is fun and all, but I feel like my days/weeks/months/life is going too fast, and I think I need to cut out some of that boob tube. I certainly don't need to watch 3 hours of the girls on Teen Mom, even though I feel like my watching and commenting (sometimes usually rudely) helps them with their life choices.  So we'll see. Tonight I watched about 20 minutes of the Daily Show with Ben, and then retreated to our computer room for some 'tunes and blogging.

So, since we've made space for the huge eyesore treadmill in our living/dining room, I've been thinking more about doing some real training for a race. I've been running off and on for several months, mostly indoors. Some days I can hop on a treadmill and run 4 miles without any issues...other days I feel like I will D.I.E. if I don't stop after 10 minutes. I ran track in high school, but never did any real training, always just went out and jogged/ran. I remembered hearing about the "couch to 5k" program here and there on the internet, and decided to investigate.
This is what I found. I did a little MORE searching and found the same plan but broken down with specific times to use on a treadmill! So I printed that bad boy off and proudly informed Ben that I'd be running a 5k in 9 weeks!!! He shared my enthusiasm with a double high five. I've trained the boy well. :-D
I started the program this afternoon, with  the Week 1, Day 1 workout. It was comprised of this: 5 minute walking warm-up, then alternating 60 seconds running and 90 seconds walking for 20 minutes, then another 5 minute walking cool-down. EASY PEASY! And girlfriend was sweating.
shake that thing. 
and there you have Week 1, Day 1.
While I shaking my thing to Nicki Minaj and Rihanna, I hashed out a training plan for myself. It includes:
3 days a week: Couch to 5k program + 10-20 minutes of strength training
2 days a week: some cardio in the form of a Turbo Jam video
2 days a week: rest!
I think it's going to work nicely. I'm not setting out any specific week days, because I know that will stress me out and I'll end up missing a day, feel defeated, and quit.

After the 30 minute run/walk adventure, I did some ab work on the floor to Chalene's perky face...and then Ben got home! HUNGRY TIME!

breakfast for dinner!
I couldn't decide what I wanted to eat...I alternated between gazing into the freezer at frozen pizzas, squatting down staring at a huge tupperware of cut up veggies in the fridge, and longingly glancing at my quaker oatmeal squares in the pantry.  Luckily, I did another round of gazing into the freezer and my new box of Lite Van's frozen waffles caught my eye! One of those babies topped with almond butter and a sliced banana = delicious.
And for dessert...
I swear I only had one. 

I just spent about 10 minutes preparing my breakfast/lunch/snacks for school tomorrow, and I'm excited about my light gumbo, veggies and hummus, chobani and oatmeal squares for breakfast, and lots more little snacks.
Also, this happened:
focus on the bottom shelf. oh dear.
That would be my "hot drinks cupboard" shelf is hot chocolate, middle shelf is tea, bottom shelf is where coffee SHOULD be...but all that's left are some grounds, a box of Stevia, and a weird bottle of dry creamer. SOMEONE forgot to buy coffee...shooooot.

Here's what I left on the couch to come blog...try not to be jealous. <3
my nuggets.

xoxo, happy Wednesday evening!

**Oh FRIENDSSSSS! Go check out Clare's blog, Fitting It All In and check out her sweet Larabar giveaway!!! MMMM blueberry muffin!? How can you go wrong. Plus, Clare is adorable and she's a fun blogger to follow. :)

Monday, January 17, 2011

3 weeks in review...oops.

Hey readers! It's been TOO long! I'm sorry! I won't make any silly excuses, I've just been very busy. BUT, I'm going to try super super hard to keep up with my blog; I know my family is reading! :)

OK. So, let's do a little review.

-Went home for Christmas vacation...
local brews...ahhh :)  
schnauzer froggy doggy <3          

hi sister!  

Christmas dinner...SO GOOD!
happy hour=bloody marys.

Ben's rental car...a 2011 Camaro. :)

Ok, so that's a QUICK xmas overview. It was a wonderful week at home with my parents and's so nice when we can all come together and celebrate a holiday! It's hard, now that Katie and I both live 800 miles away from reunions are especially wonderful. <3

Came back to North Carolina only to get AWFULLY sick with a head cold...I had meetings all week at work and was able to take a half day off one afternoon, and then took a whole day off at the end of the week, which I totally needed. I spent the day snuggling with Isabelle and watching MTV...perfect!
snuggle snuggle...sorry for the blurry pic!  
Oh you husband <3

This week I've been busy at school (and tutoring)...though it was a short week! Monday and Tuesday we had snow/ice days, Wednesday we had a 2-hour delay, and then Thursday and Friday our students took quarterly assessments in reading and math, which I helped administer to small groups of E.C. students.

Saturday morning I tutored for an hour, and then received some sad 93 year-old grandfather passed away. He lived a LONG and very full life, and we will all miss him. <3 After that news, I really needed to just rest and relax...which I did all day, with Ben, in front of the t.v. It was perfect.
Yesterday I spent some time with a few girlfriends and their mom, who is visiting from Michigan. We went to a pottery-painting place, which I LOVE! I've done it a few times in the past, and have made a bowl, a plate, and a spoon rest. Yesterday I decided to paint a big mug for coffee and tea! Take a look at this bad boy...
Fancy pants cup.
Today is Monday, Martin Luther King Day, and we got to enjoy the holiday with no school! I've been puttering around, cleaning and taking care of some school work...and then finally decided to get up and go grocery shopping! Ben's brothers gave us several Target gift cards for xmas, and I decided to check out their groceries, as we have a Super Target nearby. I don't think I'd normally get groceries there...but with a gift card, it worked!
mmm avocados GET IN MY BELLY.
more delightful groceries
highlight: off-brand skinny cows :)

(Sorry my pictures are all different sizes! I need to figure out how to move them from my phone to my computer without messing up the format.)

Alright, one more picture of tonight's was AMAZING. I really wanted something with lots of veggies, and with my new feta and avocado...JACKPOT.  I made roasted butternut squash with olive oil, nutmeg, and cinnamon. The other colorful concoction is: rice, Trader Joes curry and garlic chickpeas, chopped bell peppers, feta cheese, and avocado.
omg. SO GOOD. 
Alright pals, I hope you'll stick with me...I promise to try to post at least 3 blogs a week! READY GO!

Friday, January 7, 2011

4 Things

Good grief, you guys. I've been MIA for like 2 weeks. SORRY. I'll do a nice long post today, pinky promise...but for NOW, I'm doing the "4 Things" blog that's been floating around and Sarah so nicely tagged me in! haha thanks girl!

1. Four TV Shows I watch
1.Law and Order SVU
3. Teen Mom
4. Bethenny Getting Married (repeats, show soon!)

2. Four Things I’m Passionate About
1.sleep...getting lots of it.
2. My husband and family and friends...can this just be "my people"? haha
3. My furbaby, Isabelle
4. teaching kids with special needs what they NEED to know, not necessarily what they're supposed to know by their age/grade level.

3. Four phrases/words I use a lot
1. good grief
3. that is REALLY obnoxious
4. that's legit

4. Four Things I’ve Learned In The Past
1.don't put all your eggs in one basket...whether it be spending time with only your boyfriend/husband and ignoring your friends/family...or focusing really hard on one project and ignoring is about balance!
2. personal life's so important to remember that work shouldn't be the top priority.
3. I'm not good at buying's just a fact. They go bad in my fridge before I eat now I just don't buy them unless I have specific/realistic/attainable goal for them. Sad but true.
4. Going 70 instead of 75 on the highway will save me SO MUCH GAS. It's crazy!!

5. Four Places I’d Like To Go
1. Ashville, NC to the mountains and to visit Biltmore
2. Back to the OBX to the Inn we got married at
3. Ireland
4. Hawaii

6. Four Things I Did Yesterday
1. heard a motivational speech from the NC teacher of the year
2. placed a deserving student in the E.C. program at my school
3. mixed tuna and a laughing cow chipotle cheese...actually pretty good over lettuce!
4. talked to an old friend and did some serious reminiscing....

7. Four Things I Love About Winter with the FUR. hahahah I do love my Uggs
2. bundling up in sweaters and scarves and blankets
3. egg nog and peppermint flavored coffee creamers
4. having a break from the HEAT in North Carolina

More later...I'm home sick with the nastiest cold I've ever I'll have some time to update!