Monday, January 24, 2011

Veggies, FLOOD, and new Toms.

Monday Monday Monday...usually you are a big hot mess to me, but today wasn't so bad! Let's recap:

1. I had no caffeine alllllllllll day, and I survived! Hot tea=FTW.
2. Leftovers for lunch=YUM.
3. No behavior problem children=hallelujah.
4. New tutoring client=adorable.
5. New Toms=comfy goodness

And now...some pictures from the weekend! And what a great weekend it was!!!

Saturday I tutored for a few hours, went for a quickie run, and then Ben and I went on a day date to see "No Strings Attached". It was really cute! Definitely recommend it as a romantic comedy. :)
After seeing the movie, I received a text from a friend inviting us to dinner! But it was only 5:30 and dinner was at 7:00, so we headed over to Barnes and Noble to check out a few books we had in mind...and we had a xmas gift card to use! I looked at The Kind Diet by Alicia Silverstone; Ben checked out several evolution theory books. Well, we only had $25 in gift card money, and my book choice was over that! So Ben got Big Bang: the origin of the universe and I'll go back for my choice another day. :) It was actually Ben's gift card, so it was no big thang to not get a book!
We left Barnes and Noble and headed over to Bull Feathers, a bar and grill near our house. We met 3 couples and all got these HUGE chicken wing platters. OMG as my last meal as a meat-eater (at least for a while), HOLY MOLY what an amazing meal. I didn't take a picture; it would have just grossed out the internets...just imagine 24 wings (12 boneless, 12 regular), on a pizza pan, surrounding a huge cup of blue cheese dressing, with a few sticks of celery as garnishes. Gross? Maybe. Delicious? Absolutely.

Sunday morning I woke up with my mind set on a great workout and some fresh groceries!
Started with some peanut butter banana oats...
His and Hers. <3
I headed to the gym and pounded out 45 minutes of intervals on the elliptical, and then about 30 minutes of arm and shoulder weight machines.  I don't have an arm band for my iphone, and NEED one! I tucked my phone in my bra, but kept remembering a story I'd heard about a girl who did that over and over for workouts, and eventually her phone broke...duh! So I need to get an arm-band ASAP. I checked at Walmart after my workout, but they didn't have I'll have to try elsewhere.
After my workout, I headed over to Harris Teeter for some groceries. I had originally planned on going to Whole Foods, but the parking lot was a hot mess of construction, and I knew HT was I changed my plan. 
Check out my groceries!! Highlights: asparagus, wild rice, and beauteous bananas! Also excited to try the tempeh and quick barley.
Lotsa fresh groceries!!!      
Along with my delightful groceries, I also picked up a fresh salad bar salad!
Beets! And HUGE strawberries! heaven. 
Sunday afternoon consisted of a few hours of t.v. watching, some dinner-cooking, and a FLOOD. Our washer is a disaster and overflows if you don't turn off the water valve after it's done filling. UGH! Well, I forgot. And so the washer filled for about an hour. And I didn't realize it until the dryer buzzed off and I heard the water still filling. This is not the first time such event has happened...oh no. The first time was in the fall, and Ben gave me STRICT guidelines about using the washer...but apparently I'm a terrible housewife and should never be allowed to use the appliances (my words, not his)...UGH! So this happened:
wet wet wet. :(
My boots got the worst of it... and now I can't get the DARN picture to load. My right boot is half water damaged...but I still plan to wear them.

After Ben came to the rescue and shop vac sucked the water up, I made dinner. It consisted of baked tofu, brussel sprouts, and some of my crock pot beans and rice!
Everything turned out really time I think I'll marinate the tofu a bit longer, and add some salsa to my beans. I already have beans and salsa packed for lunch tomorrow, and it smelled SO good when I was putting it together!! I always forget what a good addition salsa is to beans.

Dinner tonight was quick and simple, as I worked until 4, then tutored until 7:30:
roasted asparagus and zucchini

Alright, that's all for now.
Oh! I was given the "Stylish Blogger Award" by my meat-less inspiration, Clare! I am so excited to carry out the responsibilities of being an award recipient...but not tonight. It's 9:53 and my alarm will be going off in 8 hours...and I'm an 8-hours-of-sleep kind of gal. :) So tomorrow! I will complete this excellent assignment tomorrow!

Oh, new Toms! I love love LOVE these! I ordered them on Friday and HELLO they were on my doorstep this afternoon! They are comfy and a little more "fancy" than my plain gray ones, so I MIGHT be able to get away with wearing these to school...I'm thinking I might pair them with white cords, a gray sweater, and some sort of bright tee? We'll see. :)
Check that sparkle, girl. 
Adios, pals!

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  1. LOVE LOVE THE SHOES, which you already know!
    I love all the vegetarian goodies!