Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Week 1, Day 1.

hi you.
Friends, I'd like to introduce you to my new favorite favorite FAVORITE breakfast/lunch/dinner/snack! If you haven't tried this cereal, please go ahead and buy some. If you don't like it (which will be shocking), you can send it to me. :-D

Look at me, blogging twice in a week! Impressive, right?  I told you I'd try really hard to blog more often!

This week has been busyyyy. I've been teaching all day, tutoring during the evenings, and trying to find time to enjoy my home and family in those few hours that remain. One thing that I've learned is that spending 2-3 hours watching t.v. at night really makes the evening go TOO fast! A lot of our dinners are spent in the living room, watching NCIS, Law and Order, or something comparable...which is fun and all, but I feel like my days/weeks/months/life is going too fast, and I think I need to cut out some of that boob tube. I certainly don't need to watch 3 hours of the girls on Teen Mom, even though I feel like my watching and commenting (sometimes usually rudely) helps them with their life choices.  So we'll see. Tonight I watched about 20 minutes of the Daily Show with Ben, and then retreated to our computer room for some 'tunes and blogging.

So, since we've made space for the huge eyesore treadmill in our living/dining room, I've been thinking more about doing some real training for a race. I've been running off and on for several months, mostly indoors. Some days I can hop on a treadmill and run 4 miles without any issues...other days I feel like I will D.I.E. if I don't stop after 10 minutes. I ran track in high school, but never did any real training, always just went out and jogged/ran. I remembered hearing about the "couch to 5k" program here and there on the internet, and decided to investigate.
This is what I found. I did a little MORE searching and found the same plan but broken down with specific times to use on a treadmill! So I printed that bad boy off and proudly informed Ben that I'd be running a 5k in 9 weeks!!! He shared my enthusiasm with a double high five. I've trained the boy well. :-D
I started the program this afternoon, with  the Week 1, Day 1 workout. It was comprised of this: 5 minute walking warm-up, then alternating 60 seconds running and 90 seconds walking for 20 minutes, then another 5 minute walking cool-down. EASY PEASY! And girlfriend was sweating.
shake that thing. 
and there you have Week 1, Day 1.
While I shaking my thing to Nicki Minaj and Rihanna, I hashed out a training plan for myself. It includes:
3 days a week: Couch to 5k program + 10-20 minutes of strength training
2 days a week: some cardio in the form of a Turbo Jam video
2 days a week: rest!
I think it's going to work nicely. I'm not setting out any specific week days, because I know that will stress me out and I'll end up missing a day, feel defeated, and quit.

After the 30 minute run/walk adventure, I did some ab work on the floor to Chalene's perky face...and then Ben got home! HUNGRY TIME!

breakfast for dinner!
I couldn't decide what I wanted to eat...I alternated between gazing into the freezer at frozen pizzas, squatting down staring at a huge tupperware of cut up veggies in the fridge, and longingly glancing at my quaker oatmeal squares in the pantry.  Luckily, I did another round of gazing into the freezer and my new box of Lite Van's frozen waffles caught my eye! One of those babies topped with almond butter and a sliced banana = delicious.
And for dessert...
I swear I only had one. 

I just spent about 10 minutes preparing my breakfast/lunch/snacks for school tomorrow, and I'm excited about my light gumbo, veggies and hummus, chobani and oatmeal squares for breakfast, and lots more little snacks.
Also, this happened:
focus on the bottom shelf. oh dear.
That would be my "hot drinks cupboard" shelf is hot chocolate, middle shelf is tea, bottom shelf is where coffee SHOULD be...but all that's left are some grounds, a box of Stevia, and a weird bottle of dry creamer. SOMEONE forgot to buy coffee...shooooot.

Here's what I left on the couch to come blog...try not to be jealous. <3
my nuggets.

xoxo, happy Wednesday evening!

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  1. ooohhh blog looks new and fun!
    CONGRATS ON SIGNING UP FOR THE RACE SO FUNNNNN!!!!! I wish we lived closer i would totally run with you!

    and yes oatmeal squares=LOVE

  2. Those ice cream sandwiches look awesomeeee. Also I tagged you with the Stylish Blogger Award! Check out my post then fill it out yourself!