Friday, January 7, 2011

4 Things

Good grief, you guys. I've been MIA for like 2 weeks. SORRY. I'll do a nice long post today, pinky promise...but for NOW, I'm doing the "4 Things" blog that's been floating around and Sarah so nicely tagged me in! haha thanks girl!

1. Four TV Shows I watch
1.Law and Order SVU
3. Teen Mom
4. Bethenny Getting Married (repeats, show soon!)

2. Four Things I’m Passionate About
1.sleep...getting lots of it.
2. My husband and family and friends...can this just be "my people"? haha
3. My furbaby, Isabelle
4. teaching kids with special needs what they NEED to know, not necessarily what they're supposed to know by their age/grade level.

3. Four phrases/words I use a lot
1. good grief
3. that is REALLY obnoxious
4. that's legit

4. Four Things I’ve Learned In The Past
1.don't put all your eggs in one basket...whether it be spending time with only your boyfriend/husband and ignoring your friends/family...or focusing really hard on one project and ignoring is about balance!
2. personal life's so important to remember that work shouldn't be the top priority.
3. I'm not good at buying's just a fact. They go bad in my fridge before I eat now I just don't buy them unless I have specific/realistic/attainable goal for them. Sad but true.
4. Going 70 instead of 75 on the highway will save me SO MUCH GAS. It's crazy!!

5. Four Places I’d Like To Go
1. Ashville, NC to the mountains and to visit Biltmore
2. Back to the OBX to the Inn we got married at
3. Ireland
4. Hawaii

6. Four Things I Did Yesterday
1. heard a motivational speech from the NC teacher of the year
2. placed a deserving student in the E.C. program at my school
3. mixed tuna and a laughing cow chipotle cheese...actually pretty good over lettuce!
4. talked to an old friend and did some serious reminiscing....

7. Four Things I Love About Winter with the FUR. hahahah I do love my Uggs
2. bundling up in sweaters and scarves and blankets
3. egg nog and peppermint flavored coffee creamers
4. having a break from the HEAT in North Carolina

More later...I'm home sick with the nastiest cold I've ever I'll have some time to update!

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  1. yay glad to see your back! I tagged you cause i missed you ;)