Sunday, December 19, 2010

We ate a lot.

Oh. My. Gosh. You guys, we BAKED yesterday. (no, no...not me and the mister! silly. He doesn't bake. Me and my friends!)

Let me back up...
This weekend has been excellent! Friday night- we made burritos and watched The Incredibles. ...And that was it. haha! It was a relaxing, stay-in Friday night.

Yesterday! I was gone for 12 hours, off doing fun and awesome things!
First, I tutored. For 3 hours. One of which hours was the last for one of my clients! He's out-smarted us and is moving on to bigger and better 4th grade things.
Um. Look at this bad boy that one of my clients got me as a holiday gift:
Are you curious about what's inside?? Well, if you can see the tag, it says Artisan Dark Chocolates with caramel...
Blamo! TOPPED WITH SEA SALT! This is literally the BEST chocolate I've ever ever EVER eaten.

After tutoring I headed over to my girlfriend, Alyssa's house to work out! We went to her gym and I sweated out 3 miles on a treadmill + 10 minutes on an elliptical. It was a great workout!
Then we headed over to her sister's house for our baking night and gift exchange! As much as I love baked goods, I decided to make chex mix to share with my coworkers. 
CHEX it:
MMMMM mix it mix it mix it!
Look at ALL THAT CHEX MIX! Seriously, 3 huge batches, for like 12 bucks. So cost effective, and SO much better than the store-bought bagged kind. It smelled delicious!
I filled up these cute little dollar store buckets with chex mix! I can't wait to give them out at school tomorrow!

Look at all these beautiful babies! The girls (and I, I helped do bits and pieces of theirs) made: a TON of chocolate chip M&M cookies, chocolate macroons, a brownie/mint layered THING, brownie mint chip cups, peanut butter reese cups, and my favorite peanut marshmallow bars (not pictured). We baked for 4 hours! 
And then we did our gift exchange! I got some amazing gifts from the girls, including 2 pairs of earrings, a travel coffee mug, a candle, some perfume, an awesome zip-up hoodie, and the best:
My very own teacher carry-all basket! I feel like such a dork, but these baskets are PERFECT size for toting things around, like my grading basket, books, baking supplies, gifts, etc! A bunch of teachers at my school already have them and I've been eying them enviously.  The coolest part is that it is has 4 braces that just pop out and you can fold it down for handy storage. I'm in love. :)
The girls know how much I love my "danglies". :) I got this beautiful pair from Sarah, and a cute round pair with a nice pink-ish stone from Alyssa! Can't wait to wear them!
Now it's Sunday (duh) and I'm on the couch with Izzy, watching The Family Stone (one of my favorite xmas movies), trying NOT to eat all the xmas goodies I brought home, and waiting for Ben to wake up for our Sunday morning breakfast out!  Other plans for the day include: a trip to the gym, maybe a TEENY bit of xmas shopping for stocking stuffers for my family, and then at 3:00 we're going to the Apple store in the mall to learn about our iPhones! Haha we love to learn! And I'm going to casually ask Ben/Santa for a new case for my phone, as mine fell on the floor at the gym and cracked. Boo!!

Happy Sunday!


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  1. we ha similar saturdays! I baked for about 6 hours :) Your spread looks pretty legit!!