Saturday, December 4, 2010

Friday night, part 2.

Alright, be good and I'll let you stay. If  not, you're sleeping in the garage, and I mean it!

Friday was a great day! I was given the opportunity to be trained in a new edition of the reading program I teach, which is called Language! (with an exclamation point...we get really excited to teach reading). I have been teaching the 2nd edition for the past few years, and the 3rd edition has come out and now the 4th edition is out. My school district is slowly adopting the newer editions, so on Thursday and Friday we were trained in the 4th edition! It's really similar to the 2nd edition, with all of the same reading, spelling, grammar, and writing activities...but the 4th edition has new and more high-interest reading books for the students, and it's organized SO much more nicely than the 2nd edition. SO, we got to play with the new materials and try our hands at teaching the new edition. I'm SO pumped to receive the materials at my school; the kids are going to love it!

We got out of training at 2:15, which never EVER happens at school, so I took advantage of the early-dismissal and hustled home to go for a run.

I was greeted by this little duckling, and we had a nice snuggle that I narrated aloud:

"Hello, and welcome to Planet Isabelle...population ONE. I know you must be thinking 'How do I get my hands on a one-way ticket to this paradise?' Well, membership is exclusive, and the requirements for joining include: speaking fluent siamese, being able to stay balanced on your back with all four limbs in the air for extended periods of time, being able to snort water out your nose, and of course being able to do your BIZ in a box."

...don't judge me. She's my fur-baby and we have fun together. :)

I went on my run, did about 3 miles in 40 minutes, most of which I ran...I did walk a bit. It's been TOO long since I've run outside; the treadmill has been so easy and handy at the gym...and I usually don't get home early enough to run in daylight!
Got home and let Izzy outside...

She's such a backyardigan. :)
post-run smile! I was glad to throw on my down vest when I got home...BRRRRR it was a cold afternoon!

It's about time to get out my long tights!

The mister got home, and we showered up and got ready to go out for our traditional Friday night meal.
Bundled and ready to brave the dark and cold to have Greek!

Well we got to our favorite Greek restauraunt, and the lights were off, the CLOSED sign was up, all the signs on the front windows were taken down, and the chairs were stacked on the tables...I think they might be closed for good! :( Such a bummer...I LOVE Greek food, and they had amazing food.
So we continued on our search for a decent alternative to Greek...and landed at Carrabas! But they had a HUGE wait, so we (again) continued on our way, and stopped at a taproom and a steakhouse which were both packed before finally finding Yo Ho Asian Bistro.
...JACKPOT!  The food was GREAT, there was no fact, the restaurant was only about 1/2 full...which we were skeptical about for a Friday night...but it turned out to be a wonderful choice!

Celebrating making it through the week...watermelon martini for the lady, long island iced tea for the mister.

Oh hey, you. <3

We started with a little teeny bowl of miso soup, which we shared, because we ordered a few different entrees to share, one of which came with soup.

 Had a yummy Alaskan roll for another appetizer, dipped in soy/wasabi sauce.

OMG YUMMMM Pad Thai! My favorite! The item didn't have a description on the menu, and turned out to contain both shrimp and chicken! So well-rounded. :)

Also delicious: scallops in a yummy sweet and sour-ish sauce...with steamed veggies, white rice, and lovely plate garnishes.

We left feeling so full and content!
Headed home to make some hot chocolate and blog in bed...which you know ended in frustration, as blogger was being a real pistol and didn't save my post.
Bedtime at 9:30, per usual. It was a great Friday! :)


  1. so your fur baby kinda looks like a grey penguin that fell over ( in the first pic) .. just saying :) she's really cute, i had a siamese kitten once even though i'm deathly allergic. i just couldn't let go, but obviously i did eventually haha

    pad thai is my fav as long as it is SOAKEDDDD in rotten fish sauce....

    its been WAY to long since i ran out side too and by to long i mean my 15k last sunday haha but half marathon training starts tm! So i anticipate at least 2 outdoor runs a week minimum!

  2. Hahaha YOU'RE RIGHT! She's very bottom heavy, so she does look a bit like a penguin...and that's her favorite position. I'm sure you'll see more pics of her looking just like that in days to come. :)

    WEEE half marathon! You are such a baller.