Thursday, December 2, 2010

It was a very SUBWAY Thursday...

...2 times in one day! YIKES! But to be fair, I had a salad both times. The same salad, in fact. Of which I failed to take a picture of...twice.  It was a delicious salad, though! Iceberg and spinach, topped with green peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers, black olives, sliced turkey, olive and vinegar, and a little salt/pepper mix. YUM! It was filling and refreshing...for both lunch and dinner!
Now, why in the WORLD did I have Subway twice in one day? I mean, Subway is delicious, but twice in one DAY?
Well. I had a school training today, which means I was off campus and had an hour for lunch! So my coworker and I went out for Subway. Then, I was at the mall this evening searching for the PERFECT pair of jeans, which I tried to find in 3 stores and tried on at least 10 pairs of jeans but none even remotely fit my needs...I digress. After my unsuccessful shopping session, I grabbed another salad and a big sub for the mister, and met him at his work to gobble down dinner before tutoring!
...and then I found $5. Not really, but good grief, what an anticlimactic story.


YUM! Kashi Go Lean + skim milk + dried cranberries + dried banana chips. Quick and easy!

(insert imaginary pics of my identical lunch and dinner)

Now I'm finally home from my DAY (7:00 am- 7:45 pm...sheesh) and I'm a little hungry! So I made a seriously awesome snack plate:
Check it: clementine slices, banana chips, rosemary and garlic rice cakes, and the star of the plate: celery with Laughing Cow queso chipotle cheese! Oh my WORD, that cheese is amazing!!!! I have always loved those little Laughing Cow cheese wedges; they're fast and easy and low calorie and DELICIOUS. This flavor is pretty new and is SO creamy and rich and still only 35 calories per wedge, which filled up those 2 cut-up celery stalks perfectly! I'm in heaven...blogging and healthy snacking.

So I know this blog is called "Eat, Teach, Run"...and so far I've only written about my eating...I promise to write more about teaching and running soon. I haven't been running in a few days, and I have big plans for an outdoor run tomorrow after school! 

Happy Thursday night!


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  1. mmmm that cheese sounds AMAZINNNGGGGGGGG! i need to find it and quick...

    as far as subway goes, scott used to be a manager a while ago and i ate subway way to often for free ;) i always had him make me foot long veggie delights and GINORMOUS salads... sometimes multiple subway trips just works :)