Saturday, December 4, 2010


Ben says it's snowing. I bet it's probably that fluffy stuff from trees blowing around. I'm certainly not getting up from my cozy spot on the couch under a blanket to check. I don't like to acknowledge the fact that it does, at times, snow in North Carolina. Being a Michigan girl at heart, I've seen my fair share of snow, and would be happy to live the rest of my natural life in a warm climate with no white precipitation.

Moving on.

GOOD LORD it's cold outside. And inside, since we're trying to live frugally and keeping the thermostat set at 67. I'm snuggled under a massive blanket, bundled up in a huge hoodie, leggings, and smart wool socks. I probably could put a hat and gloves on, but that seems ridiculous. I'll just wait until my fingers turn blue and go numb.

Ahhhh Saturday. I do LOVE you. :)
I love waking up and seeing this little chicken nugget right at the bottom of my feet. She's precious. <3

I tutored for 3 hours this morning, and came home to make lunch with the mister! I have been LOVING paninis this week, so here's what we made for lunch:

 Sweet potato chips! Sprinkled with olive oil, salt/pepper, and cayenne pepper!

Ben's made two paninis. Both were made on a flat out wrap, both had sliced deli ham and turkey, and both had cream cheese. One had cranberry apple butter, Laughing Cow herb cheese, and white cheddar...the other had pinenut hummus, Laughing Cow chipotle queso cheese, and white cheddar. Lots of CHEESE!

My panini  (post cooking) contained: cranberry apple butter, a teeny bit of cream cheese, a few slices of sharp white cheddar cheese, and some sliced deli turkey. 
Ohhh myyyy GOSH it was delicious! The cranberry apple butter was tart and tangy, the white cheddar was sharp and the extra cream cheese helped make it nice and rich.  With a side of crispy sweet potato chips, it was a perfect lunch! 

Plans for today:
-Christmas tree?!
-outdoor Christmas lights?! (I can see my neighbor putting up his...he has on a big down jacket and boots and this probably WON'T be happening for me)
-run (again, it looks SO cold and blustery and gray outside, we'll see if this happens)
-dinner with a few couples at the Cleveland Draft House! MMMM beer. Can't wait!

*Shout out (baha I'm so lame) to my M&F in laws Linda and Charlie! We miss you! Can't wait to see you in 3 weeks!!! xoxo

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  1. im a snow person :) you would probably find my excitement for snow every year very annoying. I grew up in chicago but i guess i kept the love for it when i moved to nj haha dont hate me ;)

    I call my my babies chicken nuggets too!! Loveeee ittt


    oh oh and if i have a sweet potato hidden in the depths of my fridge i may just make sweet potato chips for lunch :D