Monday, December 13, 2010

the couple that iPhones together, stays together.

Hi friends and family! I'm sorry I haven't been 100% on my game with's been super busy around these parts, getting ready for Christmas and working a mcbillion hours a hang tight with me, I'll get better!

Well, the big news for our little household was that we got iPhone 4s for early Christmas gifts! We went to AT&T on Friday night, and 3 hours later, came out with new phones!
Look at that beautiful baby. I love it SO SO SO much! It's literally the coolest piece of technology I've ever had...I'm in love with the great apps, awesome internet, and the iPod function! 
Ben loves his even more than I love mine...he's been downloading all these ridiculous apps and telling me all about them...haha he's a techy guy at heart. And he loves my old pink comforter from college. But that's just a side note. 
Saturday I tutored for a few hours and then headed out to my gilfriend's son's 1st birthday party! It was Yo Gabba Gabba themed...which was mildy outrageous, but pretty fun. 
This is on the way to their house...Ben was playing around with the "Bump" app, which allows you to share files with other iPhones by tapping the two phones together! He was taking pics and bumping them to my phone...which I think is so awesome! Greatest app ever. 

On Saturday night, Ben and I spent several hours uploading c.d.s into iTunes, and then loading the music into our phones. Izzy got really sad and jealous of her lack of attention, and hermited away in our bedroom, squished between my slippers.  Such a baby.
And then she reminded us that she's a precious gift, sent from above...who still likes to stick her head into the tree holder, even though it's covered in aluminum foil. *sigh* She's such a stubborn little nugget. 
Breakfast on Sunday= brown sugar and cinnamon oats mixed with dried cranberries and cherry preserves. SO GOOD! I don't have any more food pics to share...last night we had mac and cheese with was not one of my prouder meals, but Ben needed a BIG pot of something to hold over for leftovers for lunch today, and that won the vote. 
Last pic of the TEENY nail polish collection! I'm inspired to do some fancy holiday nail art, like my friend Sarah, aka Banksyface. My collection is sad, and I'm not sure where to go from I think I'll just stare at the bottles for a bit until I have an idea.

Oh! I ran 3.1 miles tonight in 32 minutes! Not entirely speedy, but it felt good after taking a week off running! I ran with the iPhone/iPod, which was awesomely excellent. I quick-quick made a "runnnnn" playlist before I got into the gym, and it really helped to have some bouncy music to run's a sample of my playlist:
  • "Birthday"- KOL
  • "Break Your Heart"- Taio Cruz
  • "Dirt off your shoulder"- Jay-Z (I LOLed when this song came on, such an oldy)
  • "I Like It" -Enriqqqqqqque
  • "Love Me"- J.Beib
  • "Not Afraid"- Eminem
  • "OMG" -Ursher
  • "Persuit of Happiness"- Kid Cudi
  • "Right Above It"- Lil Wayne
  • "Strawberry Swing"- Coldplay
  • "Teenage Dream"- Katy Perry
Fun, right? No comments on my Justin Beiber's legit running music! For me! Haha! :)

Time to snuggle in and paint my nails watch t.v. for a while. Happy Monday! Last full week of school, then a baby 1/2 week next week, and then MITTEN TIME!!!!!


  1. I personally think the best nail polishes are OPI, but they are so god awful expensive... so I've been buying these little Petites Color Fever from Rite Aide (like $3.99/ea) and they work just as well! I'll keep nail polishes in mind for you for stocking stuffers :)

  2. YAY have you come up with any ideas yet? I havent had a chance to look my nails are surprisingly not chipped yet! (KNOCK ON WOOD) but i will be looking some new ones up soon for when they do. Ill send some ideas your way!

    Have you found any cool/fun apps for the iphone? I am looking for a new game/time killer for my ipad ;) let me know if you find anything fun!