Thursday, December 9, 2010

There is ONE present under my tree.

HI! Sorry I took a few days off from blogging! It's been a busy week, and I've been gone each evening until 7ish with tutoring and whatnot...first night home in a few days!

WEEE tomorrow's Friday! Thank goodness! AND 2 weeks from right this second I will be in the mitten state with my family! <3 I can't wait!!

Here are some pics to share from this it seems this is turning more into a photo blog than anything else, and I do love to share my life in photos with you folks...

I wore this on Tuesday...and my school custodian asked me if I had ridden my horse to school. Hahah! They're not even cowgal books, just scrunchie Steve Maddens! :)
Also, I should note I got disgustingly cat-called at Walmart at 6:30am in this outfit. HMPH.

 This was my breakfast YESTERDAY (no bfast today...7:20 am meeting and then SUPER busy morning teaching...not healthy, but oh well!) Anyway, I had THIS yummy bowl of goodness for breakfast on Wednesday. It was: plain greek yogurt + cherry preserves + kashi go lean + banana chips + almond slivers. MMMMM so filling, I didn't even need a morning snack!! Yum. 

Last night the nugget spent about an hour under the xmas tree...and at one point I looked over and she had her HEAD in the tree stand, slurping water! So that's why there's aluminum foil looking extra janky under the tree...but better safe than sorry. She's not too mad...she's a gift. <3
This is what I wore today...SO a good way! It's been in the 30s here this week, and in the high-teens when I leave for school, so I've been layering for extra warmth. I need to get a new white button-up oxford; the one I have on in this picture is tunic length and I had some serious bunching going on from tucking it in. 
New earrings! 2 dollars! Such a good deal. :) The kids get so excited about things like xmas earrings and I do what I can to be festive!
Speaking of school counselor set up an adopt-a-family type thing for holiday gifts. She hung mittens on a tree that each have a piece of paper with a gender-item-size listed. I picked a 16-year old girl, and got her the CUTEST shirts! I got her a couple different tops from the juniors section at Walmart, which were inexpensive but very cute and decent quality. I think I'm going to choose another mitten; I love shopping for others at Christmas time, especially someone I don't know who is I know the gift will be wanted and used! Love it. 

Oooof, it's been TOO cold for running outdoors this week, and I've had a very odd tutoring/meeting schedule, which has made gym/workout time hard. It's supposed to warm back up a bit tomorrow, so I'm hoping for another Friday afternoon run in my neighborhood tomorrow!!
Happy almost-weekend! :)


  1. i hate cat calls. and wal-mart seems like one of the places i get them the most. it's like it's not even a classy place to shop anymore!! hahaha! love your boots, not cow girl at all;) just cute!

  2. I LOVE the first outfit, SOOO CUTE, i want it all for me!

    also i love the earrings so cute and they kinda make me wanna go out and buy some! hahah

    The adopt a family idea is really nice, i would love to be a part of something like that! Maybe i should look into it and see if i can find something!

  3. your tree is so pretty! love it