Friday, December 17, 2010

good grief.

Oh you guys. I'm sorry it's taking me so long to blog! The thing is...I don't have very much to report!
Let's see here...Tuesday...Wednesday...Thursday! Thursday was memorable because it snowed and then freezing rained JUST enough to close down all the schools in my area! So I had a day off, which I spent relaxing on the couch, having lunch with the mister, and then CHRISTMAS SHOPPING!
...did I mention that I hate shopping? Ok, that's a partial lie. I don't hate ONLINE shopping, but I do hate in-store, mid-season, Target holiday shopping. It was awful. I was so queasy by the end of the day. But, as much as I hated spending my entire snow day Christmas shopping, I'm sure glad I didn't have to do it on a weekend!
Here's how Thursday went:
Oh, wanna snuggle do ya? Little furbaby nugget. 

So...I tried on these boots at Target, and didn't get them...but now I'm having wish-I-bought-them remorse...I think I want to go back and see if they have my size!

So many gifts! That big red bag is full of little candy gift bags for my students...the others are for co-workers, my tutoring kids, and the big bags are for my girlfriends. Thankfully, all my parent's gifts are being sent to MI via, and Ben's parents asked for gift cards (THANK YOU, so easy)

'Scuse me, while I get FANCY with my nail art. Thanks Sarah for the great inspiration! :) I can't wait to try some other holiday designs!
(P.S. Dear sweet baby Jesus, I hope you can tell that it's a snowman sequence.)

Speaking of snowmen, check my sweet snowman earrings out! I did, in fact, get plenty of rude stares at the gym while wearing said earrings. Lots'a haters. 
  • last Saturday tutoring session of 2010 tomorrow morning!
  • gym with a girlfriend, hoping to get in a 4-mile run!
  • Christmas gift exchange with girlfriends tomorrow afternoon! and cooking making!
  •  packa-packa-packa on Sunday for.....
  • MICHIGAN on Thursday!
  • (with 2.5 days of school in there for good measure...complete with lots of sugar, ornament-making, music-listening, and party-having)
Happy weekend! See you back here ASAP! :)

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  1. SOOO i think today im going to do my nails green with little candy canes! nice and simple :) Ill show you a pic for sure when they are done! I think your nails came out so cute :)

    I really realy like those boots to i think you should totally go back and get them and i may have to go try them on myself!!

    I would like to know about how all those grinchy people gave you a RUDE STARE for wearing such cute and festive earrings! What is WRONG with people! I LIKE THEM :)