Saturday, April 2, 2011

Good things come in "threes"

Hey you guys!
I'm back! 
I'm sorry that I've been completely MIA the past few weeks.
There's no really great excuse like that I was on vacation or getting married or something...just busy with school, tutoring, and LIFE!
I won't try to catch you up on EVERYTHING that has happened as of late...but I do have a few pictures and tidbits of three good things let's get at it, shall we?

1. My husband and I have discovered a frozen yogurt heaven...I'm obsessed.
oh yes. 

and again...
AND AGAIN! his and hers :)

2. Last weekend, my sister came to visit! We had froyo, obv. We went to school for a workday, and Katie helped me grade papers! We went with a girlfriend to get her tattoo! We had a CHILLY (45 degrees and rainy) bbq with friends. We went for a few walks. And we ate a lot of junk foods.

She brought her mini schnauz, L.B., and we did a LOT of cuddling.
I like your fuzzy dome.

We had dinner at a cool Irish pub in Raleigh with some friends and co-workers.
besties: (sister) Katie and (pal) Alyssa 
Izzy hated our visitors...specifically the 4-legged one. She didn't come out of hiding for days.

3. I've been eating some seriously veggie-packed meals!  And I'm back into my exercising routine! Phew! Being unhealthy is exhausting and dreadful. I'd been eat a lot of fast food, snacks, and junk. Now, I feel a ton better, having gotten back to my healthy meals and regular gym-visits.
today's breakfast! egg beaters topped with Franks, and 1 whole zucchini + 2 cups of spinach!
pickle chips for a salty afternoon snack. :)
tonight's dinner: turkey burger + mustard, HUGE veggie, almond, and goat cheese salad!

 I was gone all morning and into the afternoon...tutoring, gym, groceries! So, tonight we're staying in, watching "P.S. I Love You", snuggling on the couch, and maybe running out for a Saturday evening cup of frozen yogurt. :)

Tomorrow is a holiday! Here's a hint...April 3, 2010 was a family and friend-packed day of LOVE. <3


  1. holy christ. Can you please find a way to send me the exact froyo pictured above?!

  2. love the froyo pics! is 4/3 your anniversary?! congrats if it is!!! :)

  3. WOW!! FROYOS! And again... those pictures are just so amazing. If only those pictures could turn into reality, that would be a very awesome thing. And yeah i wonder they could do that in the future? hmmmmmm... That would be a great invention. Making pictures into reality.. =)

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