Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tuesday, Tuesday...

Hi, friends! Happy Tuesday! 
(I'm RIGHT in the middle of watching Intervention about a married couple that are alcoholics on Lifetime...so I'm sorry if this is a bit choppy and incoherent. I randomly find this show on t.v., and forget how engaging it is!)

I started my day with oats! And coffee, duh.
MY day was rushed.
As in, I woke up at 6:30 and should have been walking out the DOOR at 6:30.
Dang it!
So, I was uber-thankful that my breakfast (and lunch, snacks, etc) were pre-packed and waiting for me in the fridge when I came hustling down the stairs at light speed, stumbling over Izzy, trying to find my rain boots (Hi, monsoon in Raliegh last night? rediculous), and hurtling myself out the door.

Snack time happened in the midst of a serious computerized NCExtend2 test item tryout that I administered to a few of my students.  This Larabar was one of my Sunday Whole Foods purchases, and it was the PERFECT mid-morning snack. So many yummy flavors mixed into this super-clean bar!
oh hello, delicious.
The day hustled along until lunchtime smacked me in the face.
Seriously, I was so involved in the writing lesson I was doing with a 4th grader, that my co-worker called me and asked why I was 10 minutes late for lunch! Whoops! My hunger hadn't cropped up yet, thanks to my filling mid-morning snack.
Lunch was a spinach salad, topped with sliced carrots, a bit of feta, and an AMAZING turkey burger. When I got home from tutoring last night, I thew two frozen turkey burgers on the George Foreman grill. They took about 10 minutes to cook (flipping once about half-way through cooking time). I had one for dinner a top a bed of spinach, with sliced carrots and feta. The drizzle of mustard really jazzed it up!
Having the second turkey burger for lunch was yummy. I ate about half of the pictured tomato, but it was kind of squishy and I couldn't focus on the taste, with the weird, soft texture issue happening. With  my lunch I also had two whole (unpictured) carrot sticks, and a small red plum. And of course a Tervis Tumbler full of ice water!
Monday dinner on the left, Tuesday lunch on the right!
The afternoon flew by at rapid-speed, including lots of kiddos, an assessment-tool training, and a few less-than-optimal parent phone calls.
Thankfully, I made it to 4:30, and headed home! I knew I need to stop at Walmart for pencils and erasers for my classroom.
Look what I found!
HEY little guys!
(confession: the dark chocolate pb tastes like...paste? I can't taste the chocolate, and yet it doesn't taste like peanut butter. bleh. I had a taste on a slice of apple, and threw the rest away. Bummer that I bought 2 packets! I also got 2 packets of the "Smooth Operator" plain pb, for use in oatmeal, etc.)
Another find:
Eat 'em like JUNK FOOD!
Perfect, perfect, PERFECT packaging! I have been on a bit of a junk food binge the past few weeks, so these little babies are going to be perfect for replacing Chex Mix/Bugles/Cheezits!
One last "find":
travel-sized sleeves!
This is an ironic find, because just about 2 hours earlier, I was discussing my love for Saltine's with a friend at school...but we were complaining that our lack of self-control often led to us demolishing an entire sleeve of Saltines in one sitting. So, to randomly find these "Fresh Stacks" in the cracker aisle was a total coincidence. Each sleeve has 16 crackers (or 18? I can't remember exactly what the package said...I didn't buy any!) which seems much more manageable than the usual 30 or so.

I finally made it home around 6:00, and set to work creating a quick and tasty dinner.
I thawed a frozen tuna steak in the microwave (60 seconds on low- flipped halfway), then popped it under the broiler on a piece of foil, topped with salt and pepper, for about 10 minutes (flipped halfway!)
While my tuna was sizzling away, I sauteed some zucchini and mushrooms in soy sauce. 
Finally, I plated my meal with a side spinach salad, and sat down to enjoy dinner!
This dinner was HUGE, and I ate the whole thing. I didn't have an afternoon snack...so after grocery shopping and preparing this delicious dinner, I gobbled it up hungrily while watching t.v. and snuggling with Izzy on the couch. 
Mom...I can SMELL that tuna!
What a day!
I'm snuggled in on the couch, ready to watch Biggest Loser and relax for a few hours. 
See you later!

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