Sunday, April 3, 2011

One year.

Today is our 1st wedding anniversary!!

April 3, 2010 was a family and friend-filled day, full of love. It flew by faster than I ever would have imagined!
first dance!
April 3, 2011, our 1 year anniversary, has been much calmer and more mellow.
pre-lunch :)
oh you husband <3
It has been a wonderful first year of marriage! There have been lots of laughs, minor upsets, and everything in between. I couldn't ask for a better year.

I started my personal holiday with a trip to the gym...cardio is a great way to start any day!
I hopped on a bike, getting ready for a solid hour of biking.
I really wanted to read my Kindle, but it was dead-dead-DEAD when I pulled it out of it's case this morning. SHOOT! So, plan B was to watch t.v. on my phone. I got into, and was shocked that I couldn't watch any shows! I'm not sure if I was unable to watch t.v. shows because I was on my phone, or because they've changed their format...but every show I tried to watch was unavailable unless I was a "Hulu Plus" member...aka a paid member! OK. Plan C: watch an episode of NCIS on This worked for about 5 minutes until I received a text, and when I got back into the webpage, the show started itself over. GAHHHHH! So, I listened to music. Laaaaaame. I love biking, because I can read/watch shows while working out! 
Oh well.
I completed 60 minutes of biking! I rode 17.25 miles! Strong legs. :)
 After the gym, I drove over to Whole Foods to grab a few things. My biggest grocery goal was to find some organic, free-range chicken breasts, so that I could make Julie's buffalo chicken sandwiches! I bought 2.2 lbs of chicken breasts, along with a few other goodies...
highlights: Larabars and portable Justin's almond and hazelnut butters!
After getting groceries, I headed home to shower and see Ben!
We received a gift card to T.G.I. Friday's from Ben's parents (Thanks, family!!!!!), so we decided to head out for an anniversary lunch date.

I haven't been to T.G.I. Friday's in years. In fact, I remember the last time I was there was the day I bought my car, which was sometime in late January, 2009! So, today I was excited to see the menu and try something yummy for lunch.
We started our lunches with drinks...a mojito for me, a long island iced tea for Ben!
I decided to try the 3-course meal, and shared the appetizer and dessert with Ben. He chose a big burger, topped with cheese, fried onions, and veggies!
We started with an order of green bean fries. They were SO good!! I had about 1/2 of the plate of fries, dipping a few in the wasabi-ranch sauce.
And now, you all can see my bad-blogger pictures of my Key West shrimp skewers, served with really yummy broccoli. I liked this entree; the shrimp were grilled and topped with a citrus-y marinade, and the broccoli was steamed to perfection. I ate one whole skewer of shrimp (about 6 shrimp), and all of the broccoli. Ben helped me with the second half of my lunch, which is typical. :)
My lunch came with a dessert course, for which we chose peanut butter pie (also undocumented...sorry!) This dessert was SO sweet and rich...I had about 3 bites, and Ben ate the rest.

Now we're back home, relaxing and enjoying the rest of our Sunday. I have a bit of school work to do, and we've got the t.v. on for background noise. The windows are open, because weather is beautiful...70 degrees and bright blue skies! Izzy has been channeling her inner Dora the Explorer, sniffing around the back yard and eating grass. She loves to be outside!
wild child.
See ya later!


  1. ohmygosh girl how lovely for the two of you to have a perfect anniv day to celebrate such a big occasion :) YAY! i'm jealous of your warm weather- its raining here in the Chi..not my idea of a perfect Sunday but lazy non the less! love your pictures- ps no worries about photographing the pb pie..i wouldn't have been able to document because i'd eat that in ONE bite ;) xo

    Those fries look YUMMY!
    Today was beautiful here in NJ as well but still on the chilly side!
    I also biked for an hour today but i was able to watch some Tivo'ed shows so it was all good!

  3. Happy late anniversary!!!

  4. happy anniversary girl!! you guys are SUCH a beautiful couple :) so awesome it's already been a year! are you going to eat a piece of your wedding cake!??1