Wednesday, March 2, 2011

lion or lamb?

Good morning! I hope you all had a great March 1st!

it's not 2006, thank goodness. source
I'm trying to decide if March came in like a lion or a lamb! 
After some thought, it seems like this can be measured in many different ways.
You could consider the weather, your job, your fitness, your health, or any other aspect of your life.
If the month starts out poorly, perhaps you will foresee/hope for a  favorable end of the month...
If the month starts amazingly, though, isn't it pretty pessimistic to forecast a not-so-wonderful end of the month?

Well, let's review my March 1, 2011, and see if we can decide!

Yesterday was a nice day, weather-wise...but not the best. It was in the 50s, and sunny.
...oh. I guess that is pretty great, for March 1st.

Shockingly, I had a wonderful work day. I had 2 cups of coffee before 10am, which helped me bounce through my morning.  Some of my students were out for testing, so that gave me a little extra planning time!

As for exercise,  it was a GREAT day. I did spin class at 5:30 am, then walked 4 miles with a girlfriend in the evening. We even ran about a mile of that! Big progress, being that A. it was cold and dark, and B. we were outside, running up and down hills in our neighborhoods.  Two workouts in one day!? Whoa. I feel pretty beastly about that, but not too lion-like.

My food intake was pretty good. I had a yummy bowl of oatmeal for bfast, greek yogurt and strawberries for morning snack, my spicy 3-ingredient salad for lunch (with a nectarine for dessert), a gooey bagel thin with melted cheese as a pre-walk snack, and an amazing pasta topped with spinach and ricotta cheese dinner, with a side of broccoli!
(notice all those adjectives? ----->language teacher! haha)
(I have a few pictures of my foods, but again, the transition from phone->school email/computer->blogger isn't saving my pictures the right way, and so the pictures are uploading to blogger all rotated and unusable. sorry, pals.)

So all in all, it seems like March started out great! But, I'm still not sure if it qualifies as a "lion" or a "lamb". Maybe I'll give it a few more days. :)

How was did your March start?  Was it like a a lion? Or more like a lamb?

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  1. We live in Colorado Springs and it's REALLY WINDY, It drives me nutso.. but yesterday I was able to run in shorts and a tshirt. I got my 8 miler done outside so I was very happy. It goes from lion to lamb at a blink of an eye here.