Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Triple Tangent Tuesday, lazy-style

Hey y'all.

It's Tuesday.
How was yours?
Mine was sort of silly, and included an unannounced observation from my principal, in which my kids were pretending to be zoo animals and I was managing in a controlled-chaos type of way. At one point, a student was putting tape on her forehead. "GIRLFRIEND, you CANNOT do that right now." 
Can't WAIT for the post-observation conference...fingers crossed that I get to keep my job? Yes, please.

I planned to go to spin class this morning, but slept like garbage last night and opted to get a bit of extra sleep this morning. Probably if I had gone to spin and gotten my sweat on, I would have been all over my monkeys children and had a stellar observation. Oh wells.
Then, OF COURSE I didn't want to go to the gym after school...so me and Chalene did sit ups and the wheel for a bit, while the Siamese rolled around on the floor and showed off her fuzzy tummy. WORK ya BODY!

It's Triple Tangent Tuesday!
(good thing, too...my fingers are too cold to type, and my eyes need to sleep.)

1. It finally looks like spring in my neighborhood!
I loooooove the white trees! (don't worry, none of those are my house)
It can be 80 degrees and sunny, but if there are no leaves on the trees, I just can't fully get into the spring-mindset.
A few days ago we had a mega-rainstorm, and now the trees are blooming and beautiful!
...Now, if only the grass would catch up! Most of our lawns are parched and yellow, like these. Yuck.

2. (this is going to be the lamest "tangent" ever...just so you know.)
Wanna see what I had for lunch? Ok.
spicy black bean burger + veggie cheese on a cin-raisin bagel thin. 

Wanna see what I had for dinner? Ok. Inspired by Sarah's lunch wrap!
apple-spinach-blueb goat cheese quesodilla (on a fiber-licious low-carb wrap!)
 3. Me and the mister relaxed on the couch for a solid 45 minutes tonight, and it was lovely! We only see each other 3 nights a week, plus weekends...Mondays and Wednesdays I tutor 5:30-7:30, and he goes to his second job at 7:30, and doesn't get home until after my bedtime. So, Tuesday nights I have to do some force-snuggling. Haha, just kidding...kind of. :)
 thanks, iphone 4, for making your "amazing 2nd camera" so crappy. but look at that snuggle. <3
Tomorrow I'll do better, I promise.
Over and out, cub scouts.


  1. oh man it really DOES look like spring there! NOT HERE cold windy SNOWEY.. so jealous!
    Your dinner loooks FABULOUS im glad u liked the combo it rocks!!

  2. i like your new bloggy layout!