Thursday, March 10, 2011

My day, start to finish.

4:40 am: alarm goes off...I hear it POURING rain, think to myself "waaaaaaakey wakey! no eggs! no bac-ey! run time!" and promptly turn off my alarm and go back to sleep.
5:40 am: alarm goes off again...I hear it pouring STILL, and hit the snooze button.
5:48 am: alarm goes off again...still pouring...but I realize I need to wash my hair and force myself out of my snuggly warm bed.
6:40 am: leave for work, am pleasantly pleased that my car thermometer reads "58 degrees". mmmm spring.
7:00-7:55 am: eat my sad, sad plain oatmeal breakfast and work on my B.T. papers that are due at 3:30.
7:55-2:00 "teach"...aka let students work on their laptops while I work on my B.T. papers and an IEP.
shhhhHHHHHH, guys!
2:00-2:15 pm: pace around my room nervously as I await my post-observation conference with my principal
2:15-2:45 pm: meet with my principal, find out that I'm not, in fact, FIRED. sweat buckets, smile and nod, and thank my sweet lucky stars that I'm not a disaster after all.
3:00-4:00 pm: meet with staff and principals to hear about the upcoming school year's budget. find out that if the county commissioners don't want to give our school district $7 and change million, our district is going to FALL. A. PART. cuts include: no middle school athletics, outsourcing custodial services, no 3-5th grade tutors, $1,000,000 from E.C. (that would be MY department), 1.5 mile "walk zone" for bussing, fewer teacher assistants, fewer supplies, no pay raises, etc etc the list goes onnnnnnnn...
4:00-4:15 pm: quick quick IEP meeting (no parent, so that makes it fast)
4:15-5:15 pm: last ever BT 3 meeting; turn in 10 pages of "reflection on my accomplishments", eat 2 shamrock cookies, discuss budget cuts, soak my feet by running through puddles.
5:45 pm: finally get home. find a delightful surprise on my doorstep!
check out that bling!
5:45-6:70 pm: assume the horizontal position on the floor, talk to husband about day, debate eating dinner, make a egg and avocado sammie on a cinnamon raisin bagel thin.(no was good but ugly)
7:00-7:45 pm: feed a out-of-town friend's cats, run to Harris Teeter for some groceries, including sprouts, apples, nectarines, bananas, carrots, veggie sliced cheese, and THIS BABY:
takes me back to my wedding dinner!
 7:45-8:40 pm: pack my lunch, pack my clothes for tomorrow into my gym bag (planning to run before school!), sing "it's a rainy day" to Izzy, test out a few Lifesaver jelly beans to make sure they're edible before taking to school for my kids...
just a few, I swear. :)
8:40-8:57 pm: quicky quick quick blogging
9:00pm:  BEDTIME!

P.S. Look what I got in the mail from my mom and dad! Our first (and hopefully one-year anniversary gift! It's a 3-cup Hamilton Beach food processor, "chef's chopper"! I can't wait to try it out this weekend....maybe with some hummus, or black bean veggie burgers?! Thanks, mom and dad! <3
it came with a mini-spatula...which I obv stuck in the hole in the lid.

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    also i have the same food processor! ONLY IN RED :D
    I spy jelly beans up there ;) they look like the crazy core starburst ones! Sour starburst will always be my favorite though!