Sunday, March 6, 2011

Productive Weekend Recap!

(I always try to start my blogging with a title...and realize I have no idea what to put, and remember that I am constantly telling my students to write and THEN decide on the title! the title needs to fit the text!
Now that I'm done with the post, I still can't think of a good sorry, charlies.)

Hi, guys!

I hope you are all having a magnificent weekend. Mine has been super productive. Remember yesterday's to-do list?  I was able to cross of several items, and it felt great.

Saturday continued after tutoring with a trip to Subway for lunch! I got the Veggie Delite on cheddar/herb bread...filled with lettuce, tomatoes x 2, jalepenos, olives, banana and green peppers, and salt/pepper. SO GOOD! I ate the whole thing. :)
12 inches of goodness.
I actually ate this while sitting on the curb at a local tire shop...the first order of business yesterday was getting new tires for my car. In NC, and some other states, cars have to get inspected every year. I'm due for my inspection this month, and THANKFULLY, Ben knows a lot about cars, and could tell that my tires wouldn't pass inspection. So, we looked up the nearest used-tire shop, and headed there with our Subway lunch! We picnic-ed in the beautiful weather, and chatted about life while we waited for my car.
After I got new tires, we headed to an inspection station, where my car quickly passed the multi-point inspection. PHEW! Two things checked off the list!
We were driving home and I knew that Saturday wouldn't be complete without a trip to Rita's! I got a gelati, which is layers of Italian ice and custard. Mine contained layers of vanilla custard and caramel apple Italian ice. DELICIOUS!
Gelati! YUM!
Finally we made it home, and after sinking deep into my cushy couch, I got a call from a girlfriend, who was ready to work out!
Thank goodness! Not enough movement + gelati = sluggish and bloated Amy.
We headed to my gym, which was EMPTY at 6:30 on Saturday night, and decided to do a 15-minute cardio circuit.
Here's what it looked like:
0-15 minutes: Arc trainer
15-30: treadmill run (I ran a 9:30 mile!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) 
30-45: stationary bike (3.5 miles, slow and steady)
45-55: stair climber
It was a great workout, I was dripping sweat by the end! I'm glad we went; I needed a sweat session after my huge lunch and ice cream! And it was wonderful to be at the gym when it's so quiet and empty...we had our choice of any machines we wanted. :)

I woke up this morning knowing that I had BUCKETS of school work to do, and that I couldn't leave the house until it was done. I also knew that I wanted to get my eyebrows cleaned up and meet my friend Alyssa for a little lunch and I had to get crackin' on my school work right away! I decided that today would be a rest day from working out. :)
I situated myself on the couch with a little breakfast and got to work!
yogurt bowl and a big Tervy full of ice water!
close up: chobani, strawberries, raw oats, sliced almonds, and cherry preserves!
I took a few breaks to snuggle with the siamese...
And by "snuggle", I mean she sat on me and stared out the window.
Around 10:30 I finished my lesson plans and one IEP. I still have another IEP to write and a few papers to dabble with...but I got enough done to allow myself a trip to the mall!
I met Alyssa and we got our eyebrows waxed...the lady had us come into the room together, and we took turns getting our brows done. Good thing we're such good friends! ;)
Then we headed out of the salon (located in the mall), and bee-lined for Ann Taylor LOFT! I looove LOFT...but have to be careful going in too often, their clothing are too cute for me to leave with just one top or skirt!
I did well today; I got 2 tops and a pair of black ankle capris, all on sale. My receipt says I saved $54!
Here are a few pictures of my new tops...and both tops are worn with the black pants, though you can't see much of them. 
shirt one. it's more of a coral than bright orange, like it looks. sorry for my dirty mirror!
shirt two. I look REALLY pleased...can't wait to wear this to school or for play!

this is a Target purchase...a big comfy sweatshirt for lounging! SO GREAT.
Now I'm sitting on the couch, looking at grad school programs at NC State, digesting my delicious Mexican dinner, and trying to mentally prepare for the week to come.
Happy Sunday evening to YOUUUUU!

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  1. seriously productive weekend! Mine was terrible compared to yours! I spent the entire day on the couch sunday out of pure rainy laziness!
    i used to eat foot long veggie delights on a weekly basis a while ago :) scott used to manage a subway and would bring them home LOADED for me :)
    Love your new shirts ESP that comfy sweatshirt!