Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Welcome, March!

Happy Month 3, y'all! 
I, myself, am glad to welcome in this longer, more action-packed month. February was getting old. ;)

March has some really excellent things in store.
For starters, this month is 31 days long.Phew! I need more days to get things DONE.
And speaking of the 31st, that's my momma's birthday!
isn't she beautyyyyyful!? :)
March also holds St. Patty's day!
...I don't really get that excited about holidays, but it's always fun to wear green and be cheerful!

March is going to be busy at school.
I have 8 parent meetings scheduled in the next two weeks.
I have 4 papers due for my district's beginning teacher program...remember my miserable Sunday a few weeks ago? Yeah. I have to re-enact that day, but instead of writing one paper, I have to write 3 more. Ick.
I have homework due for a reading professional development training. Articles to read, reflections to write!
Oh, and the end of the quarter is the last week of March...which means the week before will be quarterly assessments...2 days of non-stop testing of all of our kids in reading and math. YUCK!

Thankfully, after ALL that mess, my sister will arrive!
hey, cupcake.

And her little dog, too!
meet Liberty Bell...LB, for short. she's a mini schnauz! <3
stretchy schnauz.

We're planning to do lots of wildness for 3 days. She's going to come to school with me on March 25th, and then on the 26th we're running a 5k!
We will probably do lots of snuggling with the schnauzer, and praying that said schnauzer doesn't eat the resident siamese, Isabelle.
"ma...I thought I told you, Ihate that dog!"
It'll be fun!

Now. There's lots to look forward to, but there are also some goals to work on!
  1. no meat! -->not so hard anymore! I'm into week 6 of no meat!
  2. more water! all day long!
  3. [continue to] follow the 10k plan
  4. run the Raising Cane 5k with Katie in under 35 minutes
  5. choose a magazine to subscribe to, maybe Runner's World?
  6. less late-night eating!
  7. attend at least one gym group class per week!
Speaking of classes at my gym, I attended my first ever spin class today, called "studio cycle". 
I arrived early, and got in about 15 minutes of peaceful warm-up cycling before the class started.
The instructor arrived, dimmed the lights, and pulled down screens in the front of the class...and being that it was my first class, I was confused! I thought she was purposefully covering the mirrored-walls!
But she then turned on a projector, and started some films of men doing a bike race in Paris.
WOW! How motivating was that, to watch these hundreds of men biking through the French countryside, paired to super bouncy music!? I loved it! It was SUCH a challenge. Girlfriend was dripping sweat, too!  I can't wait to go back next Tuesday morning.

Happy Tuesday evening to you! I'm off to relax at home for a bit before going for a walk with Alyssa!

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  1. ME AND EL BEEEEEEEEE! we cant wait. mostly LB, bc she lubs and misses izz.