Friday, March 4, 2011


I hope no one has a seizure or gets a migraine from all of the blog design-changing that's happening around here. I liked the bright blue background, but I think it was a little much. This seems cleaner and more neat. 

Thoughts on the current set-up?
Is the font too small? Too pale?
I'd like to eventually have a nice, panoramic picture behind the "Eat, Teach, Run" at the top...but first I need to either take a sweet picture or steal one from the 'net. Lots to do, obv.
I also can't wait until I've actually done a race or two so that I can have a "race recaps" page!!

Over and out.


  1. Love the setup, but it feels a bit techy and impersonal right now. I think a picture up top would definitely help!!

  2. Im playing around with blog themes too! At least im searching for one i LOVE... i LOVE THE PICTURE UP TOP!