Monday, February 28, 2011

Monday Night Musings...

I had the most delightful yogurt for snack today...they were on sale for ONE DOLLAR each at Walmart, so even though it was a new brand for me, I just couldn't pass it up.
Plain yogurt on one side, honey on the other! I love being able to take little spoonfuls of honey and dipping it in the yogurt side! It reminds me of those cottage cheese and fruit cups. I brought a cup of sliced strawberries and mixed them into the yogurt cup. DELIGHTFUL.

I forced myself to go the gym after school today. I was planning to go this morning, but didn't sleep well and opted to get an extra hour this morning and *try* to hit the gym after school. 
Well, I was exhausted after school, had a weird headache, and really just wanted to go home and nap for an hour before tutoring 5:30-7:30. But, as I drove home, I convinced myself that I could lay in bed at NIGHT TIME, and that I should use those two-ish hours to work out between school and tutoring. I ran 2.5 miles (week 3 of my 10k plan, back in action!), then walked .5 miles to get to 3 miles, in 32 minutes. I ran the 2.5 miles like this:
   mile 1: 6.0 mph
   mile 2: 6.2 mph
   mile 2.5 6.4 mph     = 2.5 miles in 24:30 minutes!
!!!!!! So fast for me!!!!! I was really proud. Ready to get back to my 10k training!

After running, I hit the ab and leg machines for about 25 minutes...instead of showering before tutoring. Gross? Maybe. But my tutoring center is VERY laid back, so I just threw on a headband to cover my sweaty hairline, threw on a workout zip-up jacket, and splashed my face with water. Good to go!
I was SO hungry though, and knew I wouldn't make it to 7:30 without some kind of snack (poor planning this morning...oops). I stopped on my way to tutor, and picked up some pick-me-ups!
notice any theme? E-N-E-R-G-Y!
That Energy Mix was really good. I may or may not have eaten several servings. Lots of walnuts and almonds, with some dark chocolate-covered soybeans and crispy sesame sticks. Mmmmmm.

Just got home, and it's POURING rain...perfect for warmed up leftovers from last night:
Tofu and "asian veggie mix" stir fry, with a yummy Trader Joe's Soyaki marinade, topped with some crispy noodles and a homemade piece of garlic toast...aka 1/4 of a sammie thin roasted with a little marg/garlic powder. Yummmmm yum yum.

Tomorrow I'm going to SPIN class! It's called "studio cycle", which I hope means it'll be beginner-friendly. I've been wanting to try a spin class for months, and just haven't had the time/ambition to it's at 5:30 am. EARLY! I'm excited to try it out. Any suggestions for attire? I don't have any spandex shorts...will running tights work? And a tank top? And running shoes? haha I really only have one workout "outfit".
I'm also meeting my girlfriend, Alyssa, for some walk/running tomorrow evening. Hopefully I'll be able to encourage her to run for at least a mile with me! Baby steps!

Oh. I hear "Bethenny Ever After" is on tonight!? I got all excited and looked online to find that it starts at 10:00 pm. I need a DVR in a really bad way. I cannot stay up until 10:00, not even on the weekends. I think I'll try to convince Ben that I'd be a happier person if we had a DVR, so that I could record my favorite anything with Bethenny Frankel, I Used to Be Fat, Teen Mom, Intervention, Greek, etc. (I'm embarrassed that 2 of my favorite shows are on MTV.........) These days I don't watch very much t.v., because I go to bed so early! But, I suppose if we did get a DVR I'd turn into a huge (literally) couch potato...and that's not ideal.

So, on that note...time for bed. :)

(Last post of February! See you in March! I've got plans for a "Mega-March Goals" post tomorrow!!)

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  1. I love those yogurts too. I just bought a bunch of honey greek yogurts from trader joes yesterday because they were only a dollar, too!