Saturday, February 26, 2011

Outdoor gal!


I am in one heck of a wonderful mood!
I started my morning with a tortilla spread with this beautiful baby and some banana:
I don't have any other meal pictures for you, friends. I'm finally at home on my desktop computer, where I can effectively open pictures and save them and load them into blogger! I've tried blogging on my phone, but can't load pictures in...I've tried blogging before/after school, but can't get into gmail to get my pictures, so they end up lopsided and weird from my school email. It's an issue, and the obvious solution is for me to not be so LAZY and just use my home desktop...but it's just not my favorite computer.
...and then I found $5.00

This has been a great weekend so far!
Yesterday I got home from school and snuggled on the couch with Izzy for awhile, waiting for Ben to get home. We watched a few episodes of the creepiest show on t.v. and I decided that for my sanity, I need to stop watching crime shows. I woke up 3 times during the night, thinking about the episodes I'd watched and how scared I was. I'm a baby...and I need to stick with sitcoms and MTV reality shows.
Anyway, when Ben got home we decided to have Qdoba for dinner! I got a HUGE vegetarian burrito, with loads of guacamole and tons of lettuce and corn salsa! SO GOOD! I ate about 2/3 of it, and Ben helped me finish the rest.
After dinner, we went to my favorite place in the world, where I got my favorite dessert in the world, a cheesecake ice and strawberry custard gelati! Rita's officially opened for the season yesterday, and I was SHOCKED that there were no customers in the store when I went in! My gelati was amazing, and I saved half for later...which I'll probably go grab in a few hours for a yummy evening snack!
Friday night ended in more snuggling on the couch and discussing future plans...which include going back to school for Ben! We got really excited talking about our plans. It makes me feel so grown up! :)
...and I brushed the siamese...
...while she chewed on her scratcher! <3
Saturday started (like I mentioned above) with a peanut butter/banana microwaved quesadilla, and 4 hours of tutoring!
After tutoring I headed over to a local park to meet up with two of my friends, Alyssa and (her sister) Sarah!
I'm readyyyyyyyyyyy!

hey pals!
We did some really fun exercising this morning! There was a pond with a trail around it, as well as an out-and-back trail in the woods. We ran around the pond (1 mile), then walked around it part of the way again to take pictures near an old water mill. Sarah is super into photography (she has a serious camera!).
very historic watermill...and can you see Alyssa? :)
After taking some senior-photo-esque photos, we headed back towards the parking lot, where we planned to run out on the other trail....and then I realized that my car key was missing!!! I was wearing Nike running capris, which have a zipper pocket in the back on the waistband. Apparently, I was absentmindedly playing with the zipper, because when we got back to the car, I discovered that the pocket was empty! UGH. We retraced our steps out about 1/4 mile and back, but didn't find the key. Thankfully, we have a spare at home, so Ben came to the rescue with the extra key!
Since we were planning on running some more, I asked Ben to wait a bit before he came to unlock my car...and thankfully he didn't have plans, so he was flexible!
We ran out 1.7 miles and back, though Alyssa tripped and hurt her shin on a stick, so we did a little interval walking.
It was wonderful! I had such a great time running in the woods! It was about 65 degrees out, sunny, no wind...perfect running conditions! I felt like I could have run for miles and miles...though I think I only totaled about 3.5. I realized today how much I enjoy running outdoors on a trail! I've run in my neighborhood plenty of times, and really dislike running around a subdivision. Every time I think about running outside, I almost dread it, since I really don't have many options for places to run after school, besides my subdivision or the gym. Today's run made me realize how important it is to find places to run where I will ENJOY my run! It didn't hurt to have my girlfriends running with me...the conversation was fun and helped me keep going!
Super Saturday with my bestie!

After our runs and walks, we decided to grab a late lunch/early dinner at a local brewery. I had an awesome boca burger on a wheat bun, topped with cheddar cheese, guacamole, and jalepenos...with lettuce and tomato, too! I also had a side salad in place of fries, which was a poor choice because it was ice berg and a half of a tomato...the fries on my friends plates were way better! Ben came along for the girl's lunch, and after I heard him order a draft beer, I really started craving one! So, I had a bud light draft with my lunch...and it wasn't too bad! I'm sure I could have ordered a fancier beer, but bud light went well with my burger...and reminded me of my college days. :-D

Now, it's time do our taxes and relax! Happy weekend, friends!

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  1. I am going to find that peanut butter!!! It sounds so amazing, I have never heard of that before and now I am getting dressed to search the city's grocery stores for it!