Monday, February 7, 2011

quick...CATCH UP!

As you may or may not have read, I've been offline for daysssss. It's been dreadful. Thankfully, my iphone serves as a twitter/facebook/texting/basic internet tool for when I can't use my laptop. But, I've been away from blogging since Tuesday and it's been sad for me! I've been reading all of your blogs on my teeny phone screen, and want to add my news and updates! Like I said yesterday in my mini-post, I have LOTS of pictures to share with let's do a quick, quick CATCH UP post!

Things I did in the past 6 days: (not in order of importance or days...just hodge-podged together...only the best for Eat, Teach, Run readers. :) )

1. Ate 8 lbs of extra fancy Empire apples, and thought it necessary to buy ANOTHER 8 lb bag.
Apple a day? How's it work if you eat 8 lbs in a week?

2. Made several delicious delicious DELICIOUS green monsters. Spinach, frozen strawberries and bananas, scoop of vanilla/chocolate protein powder, ICE, water.
"why are you blending your salad?" ...
"Because I LIKE IT THAT WAY. gosh."
3. Made some seriously awesome stir frys...which lasted me several dinners and lunches. New fav: adding black beans to the mix, with mushrooms, zucchini, carrots, brussel sprouts, asparagus, etc...and FRANKS. Because we do put that ish on everything.

Thursday lunch? The asparagus was wilty.
 3. Made a few GORGEOUS salads. Only one pic, because they're all so similar these days. 
highlight of this salad (besides the goat cheese, obv): TJ's pear champagne dressing!
4. Made a LOVELY pot of stovetop oats on Saturday nice to have time to cook breakfast at home!!!
bubble bubble DON'T STICK!
getting cinnamon apples for topping!
ready! finished with a spoonful of almond butter. MMM
5. Had a sushi date night with my manfriend on Friday...and got SO overly excited about the fact that we were having sushi, that I forgot that the Cali roll contains crab meat...and I'm into my 3rd week of no meat! So I felt like a tool, ate my amaaaaazing sweet potato roll, and picked at Ben's veggies in his Seafood Delight platter....and ate about 3 lbs of edamame. :)
So lovely, right?
6. Turned a rainy, dreary, cold Friday afternoon around with a GREAT run! My 10k plan called for a 2 mile run. I wanted to do my run at a 10-minute mile pace, which was a really big goal for me....and I did it! I ran 2 miles in 19:45, walked .25 miles, then ran another 2 miles at an 11-minute mile a few minutes of cool down walking. It was such a great workout, I was really proud. :)
7. I had a few really awesome grocery shopping trips. One to Trader Joes...

highlight: pear champagne dressing!
I also had a fun trip to Whole Foods...
Highlights: sugar snap peas, bulk pumpkin granola, and BBQ popchips! which I ate the entire bag of...oops
This trip to Whole Foods was so much fun! I haven't been in months, and had a great time picking out some fresh produce, new (and yummy!) soups, and healthy snacks! I had one of the maple and brown sugar oatmeals for breakfast this morning, with some plain chobani stirred was great!

8. (goodness! didn't think I'd have this much to share, did you?) I've done a legit job staying with the 10k plan. Aside from Fridays awesome run, I've done some KILLER strength training, which includes lunges with weights, planks, pushups, weighted arm extensions, and some moves on a medicine ball. The plan calls for ST on Saturday and Monday...and it being Monday afternoon, I can tell you that I am SO SORE! It's rough to walk! And get up from a seated position! But that makes me happy, because I know I'm working some muscles that have been resting for TOO long.
I also checked out a yoga class on Sunday as my "easy cardio". It was ashtanga yoga, which I wasn't really familiar with, but knew it wasn't an advanced class. First off, there was no music. Just the instructor quietly helping us move through each pose. The first 35 minutes was the "typical" ashtanga routine, and the last 25 minutes the instructor did some seated poses, including a bridge! This brought back memories of when I did gymnastics in elementary school! Each pose was tricky and challenged me, but in a good way. I have to say, it was the best yoga class I've ever been to. Some classes I find myself constantly watching the clock, and not really fully engaging...but not this one! It felt so good.
This morning I did my ST routine, plus 35 minutes on a bike, which was 10 miles! Feels productive to ride 10 miles and stretch those muscles before 6am!

9. Lastly, I spent a glorious Sunday afternoon with my little family, not watching the superbowl. Ha! We're not football fans. It was a warm (mid 50s?) and sunny afternoon, so Ben and I decided to check out a walking trail that has recently be constructed right down the street from our sub. The town we live in has been working on putting in boardwalk through a forested area, snaking behind another subdivision.
Nice, right?
Smells like wet swamp. Apparently Ben likes it?

I guess they're not done...haha! We had to do a little trudging through wetness.
It was a really nice hour-long walk, so warm and mild! Makes me ITCH for spring!!!

I also spent some time with this little furbaby mcnugget:
Just so precious to me. <3

Finally, I spent a few hours soaking in some law and order SVU, painting my fingers and toes, drinking peppermint hot tea, and eating my little treat from Whole Foods: dark chocolate!

And now, a pinky promise to you...
I promise to update as often as I can this week. My goal: 3 posts by the weekend. Dream big?

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    Im pretty sure i have that cous cous that tofu and that tempeh as well :)
    CONGRATS on the run and the 3 weeks meat free!!!!!