Monday, February 7, 2011

Learning About Lunges


Someone forgot to tell me how much of a biatch my legs were going to hurt after 2 days of lunges.
I can hardly walk. I grunt as I stand up and sit down. Stairs? Oh shiz.

3 of my students today asked if I got hurt over the weekend...and I couldnt lie, what with all the preaching I do to them about being healthy and active.
So...I explained that I'd been exercising my muscles. They asked "how?" I showed them. And we commenced to lunge around the classroom, the braver souls carrying bottles of paint as hand weights.
Some of my kids were decent lungers...othera looked like wet noodles, flopping all over.
I really wish I'd had my camera.
It was mildly rediculous/very funny, and I have no clue what I would have said if my principal had walked in.

What would you have said?


  1. hahaha i love that you showed them! so cute :) you're a great teacher girl!

  2. "yo mizz usher, what's WRONG with you?"

  3. Welcome back! This is hilarious! I did a workout once that had 500 lunges in it and I couldn't walk normal for a week!

  4. OMG Amber...500 lunges? You CRAZY, girl!

    Thanks, Julie! Gotta mix it up a bit to keep them engaged! ;)

    Katie Fox...stoppit.

  5. Pretty cool concept! just want to find the idea learning about lunges. Thanks ;)

  6. awee lunges sure do hurt but its GOOOD PAINNN i feel accomplished when i cant walk HAHAHA that or "crap i didnt stretch" enters my mind

    i think its cute that all your students were walking around, you inspired them ;)