Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Triple Tangent Tuesday

Hi guys!

I'm typing this on my phone...the internets down again. UGH! so please excuse the lck of pictures and occasional misspelled word. I'm not the best at iphone typing, still.

I've seen a few blogger pals(Janae at Hungry Runner Girl, and Amber at A & B Walunas...both CUTE BLOGS!!) do Triple Tangent Tuesday, and being a language arts teacher, I'm all about alliteration! So I'm going to take part and share 3 random/*hopefully* interesting things about me!

1. My cat is a siamese, her name is Isabelle...Izzy for short. Shes about 3 years old, mostly white, and a bit "husky". Her favorite place to be is under the blanket in a "tent" under my legs at night. Thats where she is right now, and its my favorite time of the day, just me and
my furry little nugget. <3

2. I'm a twin! My identical sister's name is katie, and you may see her post sassy comments on my blog. She's my only sibling, and my best friend! She lives in Philadelphia and is a packaging engineer for a great pharm company. She has a mini schnauzer named Liberty Bell (LB for short), and we viait every chance we get! We went to college together, always shared dorm rooms and apartments, so being almost 500 miles away from each other for the past 3 years has been sad for us! We used to be truly identical, but then that stinker dyed her hair dark brown...which is sassy adorable on her, and now theres never a concern of "who's who?"

3. Like many girls, I am obsesssssed with shoes. My closet is full to the brim with boots and heels and flats and tennis shoes. Come spring, I'll get out a HUGE tupperware tote of a my sandals...can't wait! My newest additions are favs: sparkly Toms, Steve Madden slouchy leather knee-high boots, and super cushy Brooks running shoes (just got today after recs from my Dad, online reviews, Clare at Fitting it all in, and the Reeses Runner over at Running off the Reeses)! My husband does not understand my NEED for so many shoes, but then again, I dont understand(or TRY to understand) his need to collect power tools...its all about balance, folks!

Alright! I'll try to come back in and link up where needed when I have a more reliable browser and internet source.
Gym in the early morning...G'nite!


  1. I love that you did this, love that you share the same justin bieber love and I love that you have a twin! {that's 3 loves - woah} I always tell Ben that we are going to have twin girls and I think it freaks him out, but I really hope we do! So glad you did this!

  2. i have just recently developed a show love (addiction) !!!

  3. I want sparkly toms!!! Any suggestions on where to find them for cheaper?!?

  4. Lindsey- I got mine from the Toms website...but I know you can buy them on ebay for cheaper!