Tuesday, February 1, 2011

converting a meat-eater

So, continuing with my excitement about the 10k...
My sister shared her training plan (Idk where she got it); it's an 8-week plan that includes some nice strength and cross training. I jumped right in on the first week, and Tuesday's workout was: 1.5 mile run.
My workout---> 4.5 miles, 55 minutes on treadmill: 1.5 miles @  6mph pace, then .5 mile interval run/walk for the rest. I was SWEATY! And let me tell you...hopping on the treadmill at 6mph right off the bat REALLY  helped me! I'm excited to continue this training plan...I think it's really going to work! I need structure to be successful, so the daily exercise plan will help me stay on track. SO PUMPED.

Moving on.
I haven't done a nice post since Saturday, so I'll catch you up from the weekend/early-week happenings...mostly in pictures, because really, those are more interesting than my rambling! :)

Sunday Funday happened afterall, with a surprising realization that I had been PAID! A day early!
It was in the mid 60s in central NC, so I broke out the Tempos and strutted my pasty self all over Target, picking out some spinach, Kashi Go Lean, shredded carrots, and THESE:
They were delicious with some spinach and artichoke hummus:
...and a cut-up yellow pepper, you know, to be healthy. ;)

Sunday ended with a sweet dinner:
Van's with almond butter and chocolate chips. :-D

Then, much to my disappointment excitement, Monday happened.
yogurt mess- chobani 0% blueberry + kashi go lean...my all-time fav breakfast!
Monday was jam-packed with STUFF TO DO. "Stuff" included: teaching/school 7:00-3:30, hustling home to do a Turbo Jam workout (holy MOLY I'm sore! all over!!), quick-quick shower, tutoring 5:30-7:30, then coming home and finally SITTING and relaxing! While relaxing, I made this:
oh yes I did. 
This salad was the bomb.com.
In the mix:
  • spinach
  • romaine
  • shredded carrots
  • sliced radishes
  • sliced clementine
  • slivered almonds
  • and a few blue corn flax chips for CRUNCH. 
(can you tell which part was my fav? just guess.)

And, here we are to TUESDAY.
I'm about to go get in bed and read, but first let me share a personal victory...
My husband is a MEAT-EATER. He likes burgers. He likes chicken. He LOVES steak. He does not love veggies.
But, I feel like he's isn't going to last very long if he keeps up with his eating full pizzas, hot pockets, HUGE pots of mac-n-cheese lifestyle with no veggies or fruits in sight! And trust me, I need that man to stick around...<3
So, tonight, I fed him tofu stir-fry. And he liked it! (well, aside from the comment, "this would be better if the tofu was steak"...which I ignored.)
We made a big stir fry of red and orange peppers, tofu, zucchini, mushrooms, and franks hot sauce! Ben had his in a tortilla shell with cheese, I had mine on a plate...with a side of roasted asparagus and brussel sprouts. SO YUMMY!
cook, cook, cook!
roast, roast, roast!
eat, eat, eat!
Delightful dinner, followed by a juicy grapefruit and some hot tea.

Time to go hop in bed and read for a bit...early to bed tonight, I have a date with the gym for some early morning cross training before a busy day at school!

Oh, p.s....
I'm ordering this in black and a dark berry color, after seeing/hearing about Skinny Runner love on them...and after having my Under Armour tank top ride up on my bum about 12,000 times during my run today. Can't wait for a nice, loose, LONG running top! They're on sale! $17.99! HUSTLE! :-D


  1. OH MAN FLIP FLOPS!? i forgot what it was like to wear those... ive been wearing BOOTS EVERYDAY... 60* sounds like a dream! I cant wait until florida at the end of the month so i can feel some warmth!

    Your meals look fantastic and i LOVE that salad!

  2. Amy - I just ran across your blog and I love it! I love all the meals in this post and I think I will have to try the tofu stir fry! My husband, Ben also, is a meat eater also and since we've been married I have cooked everything with fresh ingredients and he can really tell the difference. Cute boys! Good luck with all the running, you're awesome!!!

  3. Sarah- I KNOW! Flip flops were amazing for a short day...now it's back to boots...it's cold here again!

    Amber- HI! Thanks for visiting! :) :) Tofu stir fry is amaaaaaazeballs...especially if you do it with soy sauce AND Franks hot sauce...I know it's a lot of salt, but it's delish!

  4. i NEED to do that for my boyfriend. i Don't think he eats any vegetables and I just can't handle that! Congrats on your mini victory:)

  5. I loooove roasted veggies!!! Yum :)

    I need to start a 10k training plan!!! I signed up for one in April...