Sunday, February 13, 2011

I did NOT see this coming.

You guys.
Michigan has it out for me.
Last time I visited (Christmas break), I got sick the SECOND I got back to NC.
This trip, which was for my grandpa's funeral, I got sick the day I arrived.
Fever, coughing up a lung on the plane, sinus headache like you wouldn't believe.
So so bad. :(
Thankfully my sister and I stayed in a hotel with my mom, who took care of me on Friday night and yesterday.
Worst part? I had to miss my grandpas funeral because I'm so sick.
I flew alllllll the way to Michigan from North Carolina to spend the weekend with my family...and have only left the hotel room to go to Urgent Care to be diagnosed with an upper respitory infection (sinuses, mainly). I then took my sick self to Walmart, where the pharmacy had no then had to go to Kmart, such an ordeal.
I feel better today, aside from the yucky side effects of the meds. I called the doctors office and requested they call in a prescription for a z-pack, which I know doest effect me so harshly. Fingers crossed!
So I'm still in the hotel room, flying back to NC tomorrow...thankfully my sis is here keeping me company. <3

Moral of the story/weekend: take your vitamins, friends. Drink lots of water, and keep yourselves healthy. Being sick stinks. Being sick on a trip stinks more.


  1. aweee amy feel better! That sucks that it had to happen when you were going to see your family (even though it was a sad circumstance! ) FEEL BETTER

  2. ohh!!! feel better!!

    i have to be so much better at vitamins because i for sure know i'm not geting enough of some nutrients in haha

  3. Amy! This sounds miserable! I hope you are feeling better!! :-)