Friday, February 18, 2011

Random, really.

Well. It's been a weird week. I've been all kinds of sick. Seriously, the worst. I've never ever EVER felt this bad...well, not in YEARS, anyway.
I stayed home from school Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. I slept a TON. I ate next to nothing. I drank so much water. And I faithfully took my Z-Pack, hoping to kick this sinus infections behind.
I'm feeling way better today! I still feel a little less than 100%, have a cough and sniffly nose...but my energy level is much higher, and I can deal with work!

I'm trying SO HARD to get some of my random pictures uploaded, but my pictures are not transferring right from my phone to my computer email to blogger...I have no idea what's wrong with it, but there won't be many pictures for now. They're all rotated around and won't stay the few that are posted are the ones that didn't rotate the wrong way. So dumb!

Here's a cute picture of my mom and sister in the hotel room from our trip last weekend..
beautiful Foxy ladies <3

They were loving their Kindles...and of course I left mine in NC, thinking I'd be SO BUSY I wouldn't have time to read...what a joke! I spent the entire weekend surrounded by tissues and water bottles and cough drops.

My best friend and husband, Benjamin, bought me several boxes of chocolates for Valentine's Day, which were a nice surprise when I got back to NC on Monday afternoon.  I also returned to this chunker, looking big and bad as always...

Here's something I NEVER thought I would say...
I miss running.
My legs are itching to get moving! I don't miss working out in general, just running. :-D
I wore my new Brooks all weekend, as I had packed them in anticipation of squeezing in a few runs in Michigan at the hotel...well clearly the runs didn't happen, but I wore my new running shoes when I went to urgent care and to Walmart to get my prescription, as well as on the plane home...and those babies are COMFY!
I know I need to give myself time to recover; I think a teeny bit of my illness can be attributed to pushing myself so hard last week, with 4 early-morning workouts and lots of late evenings tutoring and working. So, I know I want to fully recover before I hit the streets...but speaking of hitting the streets, it's supposed to be a GORGEOUS weekend in Raleigh! Today's high is 76! Tomorrow is close to the same! I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to head out to Umstead State Park and run/walk with a girlfriend.
We'll see. I don't want to get sick again, after missing 4 days of school! Being out is really hard.

I hope you all have plans for a wonderful weekend!
I'm feeling better, and hoping to get back to my daily-blog posts! I've been following along with my favorite bloggers, and really missing contributing!


  1. Take care of yourself Amy!! Hope you can enjoy the weather a little!!! :)

  2. Glad to hear you're feeling a bit better!

  3. ugh amy, that's an awwwwful photo.

  4. IM sorry you've been sick for so long!!! I am also dealing with the lingering coughing and stuffy nose, so annoying that it just wont GO AWAY!