Thursday, June 23, 2011

Fo' Drizzle

Hey pals!

This morning I made the yummiest yogurt bowl!
It started with 1/2 of a cup of vanilla yogurt.
Then it got sprinkled with raw oats, and a huge handful of blueberries.
almost ready!

Yesterday, I had a great yogurt bowl with peanut butter...but it was cold peanut butter, which was hard to eat with the yogurt! So, today I got crafty with the peanut butter. 
microwaved melty!
And then...things got drizzly.
And for a final touch of sweetness, I added a teeny bit of honey.
ready to eat!
This was the perfect breakfast! Creamy, crunchy, juicy, salty, and sweet! Mmmmm. 

After breakfast I headed out to run some errands...
  • went to the library to rent some audio books for our 12+ hour drive up to Michigan. I got Hard Eight, by Janet Evanovich, and The Last Town on Earth, by Thomas Mullen. I love all of Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum books, and have read them a trillion times each, but have never listened to one via audio book! The other audio book looks interesting; it looks like it will be a 1900's fantasy/fiction about a town that has been overcome with the flu and decides to go under quarantine...we'll see!
  • stopped at the mall to return a few pairs of shorts to Ann Taylor LOFT...I really wanted to like them, but they just didn't feel right. 
  • grocery store to try to find some good road trip snacks...I was looking for Larabars, some big juicy apples, and some trail mix...but I think I'll wait until tomorrow and run to Whole Foods. :)
With errands complete, it was time to go to yoga! It was Vinyasa yoga, which I hadn't done before. The instructor was the same woman who did the Core class yesterday, and she was wonderful! She lead us through several repeats of hip stretches and positions, and she turned the studio's heat up! Apparently I was under a vent, because I was DRIPPING sweat while doing my 3-legged dog poses.  It was a great class. 

After yoga, I met up with a girlfriend for lunch at Panera! I had the pick 2 combo, including a bowl of black bean soup, and a half of a Mediterranean sandwich! So good, so fresh. It was a nice lunch with a nice friend. HI LIZ! :) 

Time to get serious about packing for clothes are in heaps all around my bedroom, and I'm starting to stress out. Gotta CLEAN and ORGANIZE! :)


  1. mmmm warm pb sounds so good on top of berries!

  2. Melty PB is the way to go on yogurt bowls!

    I had the SAME meal from panera last weekend :)