Wednesday, June 22, 2011

School's out, still going to class!

Hey bloggies!
Happy Wednesday! It's Hump Day! And 2 more days until our trip to the NORTH...which I am getting SO excited about. 2 days, a 12-hour drive,  and then we'll be in Michigan for a few weeks. :)

This morning, I woke up STIFF AND SORE. Thank you, Strictly Strength fitness class. I was really feeling yesterday's squats and lunges when I rolled out of bed. But, because I'm trying to be good to my bod and do this fitness thing right, I geared up for the gym and headed downstairs for a light breakfast.

Yogurt bowl!

Low-fat vanilla yogurt, sliced strawbs, a sprinkle of raw oats, a drizzle of honey, and about a half of a spoonful of peanut butter! YUM!
I did, however, discover that non-melted peanut butter is a little hard to eat in a yogurt bowl. I either need to warm up my pb next time to drizzle on top, or save the pb for warm oat bowls.

After digesting and doing a little laundry, I headed to the gym.
I was soooo sore (still am), and really couldn't decide what I wanted to do for my cardio. Since I did a huge amount of strength yesterday (60-minute full-body class), I knew I wanted to focus on cardio as my main workout today. I've been LOVING the stationary bike, but decided to hop on a treadmill instead.
I walked for a few minutes to warm up (and re-create my "RUN" playlist on my disappeared!), and then did run/walk intervals for close to an hour. My final numbers were: run 3 miles, walk 2 miles, 60 minutes. PHEW.
I knew there was a Core class happening at 11:00am, but it was only about 10:30 when I staggered off the treadmill, so I stretched for about 20 minutes before heading into the studio for class.
The Core class was only 30 minutes, which turned out to be just the right length. The instructor took us through various core-strengthening moves, using a Bosu ball and a medicine ball. I used an 8-lb medicine ball, which was perfect. It was a tough class, but I'm really glad I went!
I am not good at motivating myself to strength train, so attending classes at my gym is the perfect way to get my strength training in. The classes are free with my membership, and seriously run from 5:30am-7:30pm, including yoga, strength, kickboxing, core, HIIT circuit training, pilates, cycling, and aqua!
My gym membership is ending at the end of June, due to travels and my interest to check out some other gyms in my area...I'll definitely miss my gym, but I can't wait to see what else my area has for gyms.

After the gym, I drove home and hopped in the shower. Then it was LUNCH TIME!
all the ingredients for...
the perfect recovery smoothie!
Now, I'm watching food network and relaxing for a few hours before tutoring this evening. Ina Garten is making some seriously potent drinks (Mai Tai, Manhattan, Long Island), as well as a yummy crab dip and some sauteed peaches. And now she's having happy hour with her husband in the garden! So precious. :)

See you later!

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