Monday, June 20, 2011

this and that

Hey! My wireless is down at home, so I'm lunchin' and bloggin' at a cute little coffee shop around the corner from my house. Soooo nice to have TIME to do summer vacation. 

Let's catch up. :)

Last night, after Ben hustled off to his second job (ugh gross, I know) I got an itch to run. I suited up and headed out to jog around my neighborhood!
Boy, was it hot.
At 8:00pm it was still over 90 degrees, and humid as ever.
I ran a 10 minute loop around my neighborhood, and then plopped down on my driveway.

I stretched it allllll out for about 15 minutes before heading back into the AC'd house.
Last week I purchased a fitness ball (Walmart, maybe $15?), and decided to try it out.

I pumped up the ball, and then tried each  of the exercises inside the pamphlet that came with the ball. It was a full-body strength workout! Abs, arms, legs, inner and outer thighs! Took about 25 minutes, all completed while watching my favorite movie, Eat Pray Love. :)

This morning I woke up with such a lovely feeling..."'s Monday and I'm not getting up for work!" But then I remembered I needed to drive down to school to sign my contract. So, I geared up and made the 30-minute drive to my school to fill out paperwork and sign up for my 4th year of teaching! Done and done!
Drove back towards home with the intention of going straight to the gym...but I got distracted by the library, the mall, and some other odds and ends errands. When I finished running around, it was after noon, and I was STARVIN'!  I headed back to my house to fix up a quick meal to take to the coffee shop.
light summer salad!
In the mix:
-1.5 cups of garbanzo beans
-1 whole roma tomato
-1/2 green pepper
-2 slices turkey bacon
-salt and pepper, sprinkle of EVOO

I filled up a tupperware with spring salad mix, and poured my bean salad on top!
Now, as you know, I'm at the coffee shop, sipping an almond iced latte, eating my delicious lunch, and catching up with my FULL reader!
Hey, Vanessa!

Plans for the rest of this summer Monday:  chill time with the siamese, watch a little t.v., tutor for a few hours, and then head to the gym tonight for Zumba!!!

Hope you're all staying cool (if you're in the dirty south), staying awake (if you're at work), and having a great Monday!


  1. oh!! i hope you have fun at zumba tonight :) what an awesome and relaxing monday! i love it

  2. Whoooo look at that beautiful, uncracked Macbook... sigh... ;)

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