Saturday, June 18, 2011

Waka Waka and J. Biebs

(if you stayed to read the post after that ridiculous  "this-HAS-to-be-awesome-post" title, THANKS. I promise you won't regret it.)

Quick, it's almost/past bedtime!!
It's been a lovely Saturday. HOT, but lovely.

-had a big bowl of delicious banana whipped oats for breakfast.
fancy sprinkles for Saturday breakfast
-loved on my big carton of bluebs
-tutored 3 hours...we worked on adjectives, and then synonyms for "good".  My helpful lesson: "Sure, cereal is good, but pizza is great, pasta is excellent, and corn on the cob is outstanding!"  It's legit.
-hustled to the gym-- 60 minutes (5 miles) on the elliptical made me sweaty and bored. I need a book next time.  I almost didn't go to the gym after tutoring, but kept remembering a great mantra "you'll never regret a workout" I repeated that to myself about a billion times, and finally dragged myself onto an elliptical. 60 sweaty minutes later, I felt outstanding.
get it!
-also loved on my new socks. ASICS running socks! they feel like pillows for my feet. 
love YOU.

-got my Skinny Runner running top in the mail! Thanks, Katie, for the gift! Can't wait to wear it!
-ate an unpictured green salad topped with two fried eggs and my leftover chicken sausage. YUM.
-headed over to my friend, Sarah's house for a girl's night!
love maxi dresses :)

-had a DELICIOUS and healthy potluck-snack dinner!
my plate :)
-beaded lots of jewelry
earrings, duh
by request, for Alyssa
random bracelet
-took Sarah's dogs for a 35 minute walk around her neighborhood. It rained around 7:30, but only for 20 minutes, so when the rain stopped it had cooled down and was a really nice night! We even saw a HUGE rainbow!
-came home, made asked Ben to take me out for frozen yogurt. I got low fat blackberry soft serve yogurt, with plenty of fresh fruit and some sprinkles, granola, and chocolate goodies. I need to remember to NOT load up with lots of toppings, because then I don't taste the frozen yogurt! And that's my favorite part! So next time, I'm rolling with froyo + some fruit, and that's all.
-home again, listening to my new favorite song: Shakira "Waka Waka" . It's so bouncy; it would probably be a great running/workout song! also of note: new j.biebs song (well, it's Chris Brown, ft. Justin Beiber). You know my feelings. haha!



  1. Sounds like a fun girl night! You look gorgeous in that long dress by the way, its so cute!

  2. my god that biebs vid is cheesy. THIS is good:

  3. ha, I JUST watched that Shakira video on you tube - it's from the world cup so it's fun to see! I love that song!