Sunday, June 12, 2011

Super Sunday

Happy Sunday evening, y'all! I've been busy crafting and putting together my friend's end of the school year gifts!

The day started with a(nother) trip to Michael's for a few more beading essentials...including an earring-making book!

So far, I've only made one pair of earrings. I need to purchase some thicker metal wire, because there are TONS of cute ideas that require a thicker, bendable wire.
Here's my first pair!
a gift for my bestie, Alyssa!
I also made an anklet...

and a necklace!
gifted to another friend. :)
My bead box is FULL now!
so much fun to be had!
The day was spent beading, watching "Just Go With It" (super cute and funny), and relaxing in the AC. I did spend a bit of time napping, which was perfect for a Sunday afternoon.
At 5:00pm, Ben and I met up with a few couples at Sweet Tomatoes, a delicious salad bar restaurant. I had a Hugh Jass salad, including sweet and dill pickles, BEETS, blue cheese, green peppers, olives, tomatoes, and cucumbers. I also had a small slice of cornbread, a few bites of macaroni and cheese, and a yummy glass of iced berry green tea. It was a fun dinner!

Tomorrow we're having a surprise breakfast for a staff member that is leaving us this year, and I was one of two teachers in charge of fruit. We stopped at Harris Teeter on the way home from dinner, and got GREAT deals on fruit. Check my MASSIVE bowl of berries!
that's a berry parfait! strawbs, bluebs, raspbs, strawbs. :)
just give me a fork, and I'm ALL SET. 
After chopping and layering, I quickly made my lunch for tomorrow, and then got to work wrapping my friend's gifts!
apple + bracelet for our E.C. assistant!
I don't want to talk about the wrap job... apples + lanyards!
allllllllways watching...
Ok! 2 more days of work (workdays! no kids! *exhale*), and then I'm FREE for the summer! Which means that this blog might actually return to being a fitness blog, as well as an everyday stuff-I-do blog! Weee! :)

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  1. I love all your jewelry making! Its so fun to be crafty!