Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Two smoothies and a book review!

workout: biked 15 miles- 49 minutes; ran/walked 1 mile- 13 minutes (4.0/6.7 minute intervals with warm up and cool down)

Hey all.
I feel like junk.
My stomach has been up and down and unsettled for the past 36 hours. I'm not sure if it's something I ate, my new vitamins (Trader Joe's women's multi), the heat (high 90s), or what...but it's an issue.
So, we'll keep this quick!

Breakfast:  frozen mixed berries/spinach/vanilla protein powder/almond milk smoothie
hey berry smoothie. 
so seedy!
travel cup...so classy
Lunch: romaine lettuce salad topped with green peppers, carrots, avocado, strawberries and goat cheese (also had a bunch of whole strawberries and a Fage 0% plain + cherry yogurt)
perfect summer salad!
Afternoon snack on my way to the gym: baggie of almonds and a hardboiled egg
sunny almonds!
working on my weekly goals! just slurped down the last of a big cup of water.

Dinner: another smoothie because my stomach is wayyyy off and I don't have any appetite. UGH.
thick like a milkshake! 
Seriously, don't be alarmed by my small meals today. My stomach has been so OFF the past few days that it's like I have to force-feed myself, or else I just won't eat. I should probably try some toast or something from the BRAT diet...but I really hate toast...and applesauce...and I don't feel like cooking rice. So that's that.

Has anyone read this book- "Secrets of a Former Fat Girl", by Lisa Delaney? It's actually pretty good. The author recaps her weight loss and the strategies she used to keep herself in check as she changed her diet and became a runner. My favorite strategy is "INO" or "It's Not an Option". She uses this acronym when she feels tempted to cut her workout short or binge on pizza. The author also discusses "pushers", which would be people that, whether out of good intention or bad, want to push foods on you that you may not eat due to diet/health/etc. Pushers may try to tempt a vegetarian to eat a juicy cheeseburger. Pushers may encourage someone following the Paleo diet to have a cookie or bagel. Get it?
I like this book. I've been reading it off and on for the past few months, re-reading chapters and reflecting on them. I've read several "diet" books, and this is one of my favorites.

(Please don't ask why my cat's collar is on my nightstand...which means yes, I'm in bed.)

Alright, time to shut this baby down and relax for a few hours.  Last full day with students tomorrow! :)


  1. All I've been craving lately has been smoothies - this weather has got my appetite acting funky as well so you're not alone there!

    I'm super curious about that book - when I worked at Health Magazine one of my co-workers had it and I always wanted to read it. Maybe I'll bite the bullet and pick it up :)

  2. hope your tummy is feeling better lady! i think a big hunk of dark chocolate is the perfect solution :) i bet it has a lot to do with the heat! it's a doosie out there

  3. What is it about summer that makes strawberry feta salads sound so appealing? I've been craving them bigtime lately!