Friday, June 17, 2011

Grillin' and Chillin'

Yes, a very overused phrase...but so appropriate for tonight's post!

My Trader Joe's trip this morning supplied us with ample dinner choices, and we decided on grilling items!
one huge zucchini, topped with EVOO and Mediterranean spice blend
Also, we grilled two ears of corn, doused in EVOO, salt and pepper, and wrapped in aluminum foil.
Ben did an excellent job "manning" the grill (baha), and when he brought our dinner in, it was all nicely cooked!

I prepared our plates with simple spinach and tomato side salads...lightly topped with my new Champagne Pear dressing!
those plates are the same color, I swear. 
And then we loaded up our plates with fresh grilled goodies!
my sausage is a liiiiiitle burnt... STILL DELICIOUS!
The highlight of the meal was a no-brainer for me...
corn on the cob is my favorite summer food!!
The meal was excellent...a perfect summertime dinner. The best part (besides the corn)? No dishes, except our plates!
Oh, the corn... I could have eaten 4 ears. It looks burnt, but it was so amazing. The corn was nice and ripe, and then cooked to a soft, yet still crispy perfection. The olive oil and spices were great, and we didn't even miss the old days, when we would smear the corn with butter.  :)
The TJ's sausage was good! It was slightly sweet, and contained big chunks of cooked apple! It would have been great on a bun, but I liked it just plain with bites of salad.
The zucchini was the only bummer of the meal...we overcooked them a bit and they ended up a little mushy and soft...still tasty, but not ideal consistency. I'd really like to get a grill pan for roasting veggies on the grill.
The salad made me feel really good about my plate. My salad took up half of my (too big) plate, and it was fresh, simple, and yummy.

After dinner, I convinced Ben that it was walk time. It's a beautiful, summer night in North Carolina, and I hate to miss an opportunity for an evening walk!
no nature walks for you, inside-cat. 

We walked down the road to the entrance of our local greenway, and took a little nature hike.

face-camera picture from the iphone. really nice. 

It was a nice walk, and we ended up walking for 60 minutes, about 3 miles. I'll be surprised if my legs aren't sore tomorrow from all this walking and running I've been doing. My total mileage for today is 7 miles of walk/runs, and 5 miles of biking. Awesome!!

Ben's in the running for husband of the year...while I took a shower (still struggling with not showering after those 2-a-day workouts), he made me a smoothie! Granted, I left him instructions. :)
perfect post-walk dessert! :)
Goodnight, friends!


  1. mmm what a delish dinner! i can't wait to be able to grill :)

  2. Great mileage for today. How cute that he made you your smoothie!