Saturday, June 25, 2011

ETR: road trip edition!

Hi pals! We made it to Michigan! All in one piece!!! Successful road trip. :)

We left North Carolina (well, we left our house) at about 12:30. We had a few errands to run before really getting on the road... first priority: lunch!
Because we were already leaving late in the day, we opted for drive-thru. Wendy's!
I got a half-sized Berry Almond Chicken Salad.
It came with a packet of blueberry vinaigrette, holy cow SO GOOD!
It was a really great salad. Nice sized, lot of berries, dry roasted almonds, and pretty fresh-tasting lettuce.
I picked up a few road-trip snacks at Target before we left, including a box of mini Larabars!

So lunch dessert was easy: cherry pie! So little and bite sized! :)
yum again. 
Ben got a massive burger and chicken nuggets and fries and a root was quite a picnic.
is it GOOD? haha

We drove and drove for hours and hours. It's a 12-ish hour drive straight from our house in NC up to Ben's parent's house in MI. About half-way through the drive, we decided to change our destination and head for a friend's house, shortening our trip by about an hour.
We saw lots of nice mountains and LOTS of semi trucks.
And then I got bored and watched a movie.
I had some road trip snacks...

Dried fruit and nuts from Target! So tasty...and then I turned the bag around and looked at the ingredients. All fruit and nuts, but the fruits were freeze-dried with sugar and preservatives.  Oops.

Dinner happened much later than normal... again, drive-thru, to maximize our road-time. The choices were: McDonalds, Burger King, Taco Bell, Arby's.
After a few minutes of weighing my options, I voted Burger King.
...terrible choice.
I wanted to get a chicken sandwich, but it was already after 9:00pm, and I knew that having a big bun or piece of bread would = upset stomach in the morning.  So, I got the only salad on the menu: the garden salad with tendergrill chicken.
saddest little baby salad ever. 
This salad actually tasted pretty good, it was just so small. The toppings were all pre-packaged on the top of the salad, separate from the who knows when and where this salad was actually made.
I forgot that I had gotten chicken, and when I pulled that red Burger King package out of my bag, I said out loud "OH! Maybe they gave me a hot cookie!!"

That would be the tendergrill chicken patty! In a bag. To put on top of my salad.
Lots of head shaking happened.
But I ate it, and actually enjoyed it.
And I felt better about getting a salad then getting a big chicken sandwich on a bun, a burger, or fries.

We arrived at our destination at about 1:00am.
It was dark, cool, and a little damp.
Thankfully, our wonderful hosts had their guest bedroom ready for us, and we hit the sheets (of our king sized bed!!!) immediately.

Saturday plans: breakfast (Larabar and apple), blogging (heys heys), then taking off for adventures around Detroit (nails??, movie?) before meeting my family at 3:00 for my grandfather's memorial service. I'm really looking forward to seeing my family, and saying goodbye to my grandpa. <3 If you recall, back in February I came to Michigan for my grandfather's funeral, but got terribly sick and spent the entire weekend in my hotel room, feverish and sick with a sinus infection. So, today I'm glad I get to attend the memorial service and celebrate my grandpa's life with my family.

Happy weekend. :)

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  1. Wow! That Wendy's salad looks surprisingly good! Not too sure about the BK salad ;)
    Glad you made it to your destination okay!!